Ziva – update

The above photo, taken on 22nd July, when Ziva weighed in at 825g, just after her first vet visit.

Since then . . . she’s been getting lots of exercise, and filling up on lots of quality kitten food. And in only 8 days, weight has gone up to 1040g.

She was very skinny & underweight when she was found, so the sudden weight gain is simply because she’s now getting all the food she needs.  She’s not getting fat or anything, just building muscle and looking like a healthy kitten should.

We have set things up for her in the attic space. Don’t worry, it’s not an attic full of junk & cobwebs lol.  It’s partly furnished, with sofa, armchair, and is an extra sitting area on the second floor of the house with windows. She’s got her litter tray, food & water bowls, plus toys galore.  The door down to the first floor remains open, and she very quickly learned how to climb up and down those stairs.

She’s met Ducky & Abby close up. That went well.  Neither Ducky nor Abby showed much interest, to be honest. They had a sniff, touched noses, and then walked away.  She’s seen Gibbs (the dog) but since he lives on the ground floor, she hasn’t really seen much of him.  As for Le Bleu . . . I’m putting off the inevitable to give Ziva time to build up speed on the stairs.  Le Bleu did catch a glimpse of Ziva on the second day and had quite an agressive reaction (more towards me than the kitten) . . . so I’m not pushing things.  Our three cats already had to accept the arrival of Mr & Mrs Tattoo’s cat.  That actually went much better than expected, but it’s only been 3 months.  So I’m giving Le Bleu a bit more time before making him accept the adoption of a new kitten.


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