it’s a girl!

Meet the newest addition to the 4-legged family!  Ziva.

On Monday of this week, a neighbour called to say her adult son had found a stray kitten which he couldn’t keep (because he has a dog who doesn’t get on with cats).  He’d contacted the animal shelter, who weren’t taking in any strays because they’re over-flowing already. Hence the question: “do you want a kitten?”. With our 3 cats, plus Mr & Mrs Tattoo’s cat, making 4, adopting a kitten hadn’t been top of our agenda but . . . how could we say no to a little thing in need?

It’s a little girl kitten.  She had her first vet visit today, for first vaccination, and weighed in at 825g.  She weighed 750g when I took this photo on 19th, so proper kitten food and she’s putting on weight nicely.  We haven’t introduced her to the rest of the NCIS team yet . . . so wish us luck!

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