cast off, cast on

Happy dancing here last week, with the finish of a summer top for yours truly.

It’s knitted following this pattern

“Melody – Lace Summer Top” by Sarah Hatton.  I swapped the recommended yarn for OnLine Linie 107 Supersoft.  I used 6 x 50g.  While the yarn I used is a cotton mix, it’s still a bit warm here to be wearing a knitted top. Should be good for September though.

And in the meantime, no sooner had I cast off, than I cast on!

I’m using  a yarn cake (cotton & acryllic mix) bought in ACTION on a whim because of the pretty colours. Bought on a whim probably a couple of years ago, and been sitting in the cupboard ever since. Yarn is knitting up prettily but ever so hairy – I wouldn’t expect a young child to want to wear a top knitted with this yarn but I’m giving it a whirl just because.  I’m not even going to worry about matching up the colour morphing on front & back – this project will be for Daisy doll.  If I like how the pattern knits up, I’ll buy in some decent yarn to make again for Little Miss Viking.  There’s also the pattern for a cardigan in the leaflet, which is ever so pretty.

5 thoughts on “cast off, cast on

  1. Those are very pretty but isn’t it just typical that you finished yours just as we get to the hottest days of the year! 😀 I hope the child version works as well and that you find some nicer textured yarn for the one for Miss Viking.

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