summer top progress

I don’t have too many crafting projects on the go at the moment: just a cross stitch piece for the SAL, still crocheting sprites, and a knitting project to make this gorgeous summer top.

Pattern is called “Melody” it’s by Sarah Hatton and is available for sale on most yarn sites, including Ravelry.

After a mis-read and need to frog/tink at beginning of armhole shaping on my first side, I soon got back on track and am pleased to say my summer top is over half done.

In fact, the second half is already well under way!  While I’ve been busy on my knitting, Mrs Tattoo has been working on hers. Knitting the same pattern, in a smaller size, and in “pistachio” colour.   She’s just reached the armhole shaping part, so I have given all the help I can there, writing a stitch by stitch chart, to help keep count of things with the 8 row pattern repeat, while decreasing on both edges.

She’s doing so well though!  She only picked up knitting needles last year and I’ve really thrown her in at the deep end with this project.


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