SAL “poppy trio” # 6

A mini happy dance on my poppy project as things has progressed from this

to this, in the past 3 weeks.

As you can see, I’ve completed stitching on the white poppy, and begun work on the orange one.

Here’s a list of all SAL members, who are each working on different projects, but we meet up every 3 weeks to cheer each other along.



And we’ll be back again on 26th June.

16 thoughts on “SAL “poppy trio” # 6

  1. I love poppies I have lots of reds, pink and yellow ones in the garden and I have a beautiful white Oriental one for the first time this year. Orange is one colour I do not have though I have sewn some California poppies which are supposed to be all different shades of orange. Will have to wait and see if they have taken. Yours are gorgeous and will last all year round. xxl

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