a bit of this & that

Time for a bit of this and that . . .  not all good.

Crafting has been on a go-slow recently because of family gatherings. That’s good!  I was very busy in April doing lots of sorting and clearing because Mr & Mrs Tattoo are having a change of direction in life.  We told them we would support them in any way we could. They lived in the south east of France, but have moved up to live with us temporarily . . . the time it takes to sell the flat and buy a house. Knowing this, I wanted to make sure they had their own space, so that we’re not living on top of each other.  I emptied things out of the master bedroom (with ensuite shower and little loggia) which is almost as big as the flat they were living in before.

so they can have some of their own furniture in there. And I also organised half the attic space.

They moved here on 21st April, so it’s been a month already. Mr Tattoo has started a new job, and we’re crossing fingers the flat sells quickly so they can start house-hunting.

We also had a lovely visit from Lindashee & Mr Lindashee (whose wedding we were unable to attend in February).  We therefore organised a family gathering for that: BBQ in the garden, with other family members.  We hadn’t seen Lindashee since Sept 2019 so the family reunion was well overdue!

Lindashee came bearing gifts for her old Mum (ie me)

fabrics, DVDs, a gorgeous bag (made by teacakemake on etsy)

and Mr & Mrs Tattoo brought a belated b’day present for me too.

That’s the good happy things going on in life.  The not so good is.

What on earth is that? you ask.  It’s MRI pictures of the inside of Gibbs’ head!

And this is what he looks from the outside.  It all started out with what local vet thought was a simple ear infection.  But after seeing a specialist the other day, we now know it’s much more serious. Gibbs is suffering from facial paralysis: loss of muscle, drooping of ear, eyebrow, face & mouth.  Due to a growth (a very large growth) in his left middle ear.  We’re waiting for a call back with a second opinion and date for surgery, but specialist thinks it’s a cholesteatoma.  In theory, not malignant (biopsy will confirm) but it’s eating away at bone inside his skull and needs to be removed completely. We’ve already been warned that facial paralysis is going to be permanent and that Gibbs will be deaf in left ear, and possibly blind in left eye.  He’s not 6 years old yet, so he’s still quite a young dog.  We’re crossing fingers surgery will sort him out.  He’s young enough to adjust to living with a slight handicap, and we’re not bothered about having a lop-sided dog, as long as he’s happy and in general good health!

11 thoughts on “a bit of this & that

  1. Oh, poor Gibbs. Even with these issues, he will still be a handsome fellow and excellent companion. I must say I’m relieved, because I was afraid those images might have been a mysterious part of you, and you were about to gives us dreadful news on that front.

  2. Bless him Claire. Dogs are very adaptable – my sister’s dog was diagnosed with diabetes and went blind literally overnight but he’s doing really well.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the best possible outcome for him.

  3. Gibbs is n the best of hands with you and your family as his people…keep us posted please. Everything else, the gatherings, new job, move ins, all sounds fabulous and fun!

  4. You certainly have been busy, Claire. No wonder crafting has taken a back seat. It must be nice to have the others living with you, and then to move to somewhere close by. Gibbs is in the right loving home, with people who will give him the best of care and love.

  5. Well how wonderful it have Mr&Mrs T with you, and to have had your daughter there too.I am so sad to read about Gibbs. I hope the operation goes well. We had a dog Marcus who managed for years and years with one eye. Hugs to you and him.

  6. Much love to you all – I hope the operation on Gibbs goes well. I really understand you needing to give yourselves and the T’s space from each other – how lucky that you can do itt. Best wishes to them too. What a lot of change to cope with. Enjoy their company and the excvuse / reason to make memories.

  7. So nice for you to have your family around and to finally celebrate with your daughter. So sorry to hear about Gibbs – hope the operation goes well and sending hugs and love to you all.

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