ScrapHappy # April (or what the husband made)

I missed out on ScrapHappy last month and have to admit to not much crafting this month either. I’ve been rather busy with some serious decluttering, cleaning and rearranging (mainly up in the attic) and crafting has taken a back seat recently.  Not to worry . . . the husband came to my rescue.

Many hours spent up in the attic, tackling cobwebs, dust, and general chaos, including a pile of timber left behind by previous owner (at the husband’s request) because the previous owner was a retired furniture maker and had his workshop up in the attic.  I was sorting, stacking and deciding what was good to keep and what could become firewood, when I came across.

Two cabinet feet that had never been finished because wood had quite a few flaws.  Now . . . a few years ago, the husband made me a lovely yarn holder, with a larger cabinet foot found in the attic, the round foot of an old table and a broken arrow.   So, I immediately thought “more yarn holders”.  I found an old wooden spoon and a long mini trowel thingy to saw to pieces for the rod parts.  The husband took one look at the trowel thingy and declared he was going to polish it up and keep, but he was okay about sacrificing a wooden spoon.  I therfore went in search of something else . . . and found a wooden trousers hanger, with a piece of dowelling that could be used.

After sanding, staining and whatnot . . . two yarn holders. Much less elaborate than the first one the husband made, which had a rotating system in the base. These holders don’t rotate. You have to tug gently on the yarn and the ball turns around the rod.  They do the job though.  One is for Mrs Tattoo, who has taken to knitting like a fish to water in recent months. The other is a spare for yours truly, so I can keep the larger rotating one downstairs and have the non-rotating one upstairs.

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14 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # April (or what the husband made)

    • we’ve got a lot of old wooden spoons, having kept some after emptying MIL’s flat, and we only need so many in the kitchen!

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