hen happenings # March round -up

Using a photo from the archives today, because it’s raining and I don’t want to get wet taking photos of bedraggled hens. I much prefer to use this photo from a few months ago, with their fluffy bottoms!

Hens must know that Spring is in the air because we’ve had the most productive month ever!  In the 31 days of March, four hens laid a total of 112 eggs !!!  Yes, that’s right! A whopping 112 eggs, all perfectly formed, no tiny misfires, and none with soft shells.  112 eggs that the husband and I couldn’t eat, just the two of us, so I’ve been distributing eggs, literally by the dozen, to neighbours!

11 thoughts on “hen happenings # March round -up

    • we’re actually expecting long term guests early May so I reckon our egg consumption will increase and there will be fewer for neighbours.

  1. 112 eggs Awesome! Congratulations on your hens productive month. Your neighbors are probably thanking their lucky stars to have you as their neighbor.

  2. Wow, your girls have been hard at work. I’m looking forward to mine filling out a bit and becoming more matronly; at present they’re still rather gawky and teenage looking!

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