stash-busting bag

I didn’t send out any un-birthday gifts this month, but I did have need of a special home-made something.  We were invited to new neighbours’ house for dinner, and I never like to turn up empty handed.  So . . . time for some stash busting.

Not actually sure how long I’d had this fabric, nor who gifted it to me but . . . in my drawer I had two printed cushion panels.  The band with smaller prints was actually a vertical band down the side of each panel.  For bag purposes, I sliced it off and sewed it along the top.

I didn’t have any dark grey fabric, like on the original panels, so I made straps in plain black.

I also attached a small strip of black and a button so the bag can be rolled up, but forgot to take a photo.  Anyway, the bag was well-received and dinner was yummy!

10 thoughts on “stash-busting bag

    • no new baby ^^ just new neighbours lol. A very young couple, in their mid-twenties. I doubt they’re thinking about having babies just yet!

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