never say never

Back in January 2021 I couldn’t resist nabbing some sock yarn when I saw it in Lidl.  5.99€ for a pack of 2 x 100g balls of a cotton mix.

At the time, I said I had no intention of trying sock-knitting and bought this yarn, with a view to knitting some doll clothes.  However . . . my motto is: never say never, and this month I took the plunge, diving down the sock rabbit hole.  After some searching on the internet (on Ravelry) I printed out several free sock patterns . . . and decided to cast on to make a toddler-sized pair, to give myself practice not only with DPNs but also in understanding the anatomy of a sock.

The pattern is by Shaina Scott: “Basic cuff-down kids socks” and I cast on to make Toddler size.  I used 2.5mm needles which gave me the correct gauge, and off I went.

I’ve heard so many knitters talking about “turning the heel” without knowing what on earth they meant. Now I know!

“Gusset” was another alien term of sock anatomy . . . but thanks to the well-written pattern, I managed that successfully.

I was knitting in Toddler size to make a pair of socks for my 92cm toddler doll . . . so at this point, I slid sock onto her vinyl foot to make sure all was good.  And to check how long I needed to make the foot.

And after many hours of knitting, plus as many hours of learning, I had my first ever sock!  In no time at all, I cast on to make the second one.

Which makes a matching pair.  And, oh what joy, to see how well they fit (sorry about the dirty floor – too busy knitting to do the housework!).


And what else can I say?  except that I think I’ve now caught the sock-knitting bug!!!!  Because I immediately cast on, using the same pattern by Shaina, but for adult sizes . . . and I’m knitting a pair for myself in colour-changing pink.

16 thoughts on “never say never

    • well since it’s a cotton mix, it probably wasn’t the best yarn to practice with. Yarn is made up of 8 very fine strands so I had to be careful not to split (and didn’t always succeed). For a cheap yarn to learn with, it was okay though, and I’ll use the other balls I have before buying in any more expensive sock yarn.

  1. You certainly jumped down that rabbit hole and arose successful with the sock knitting. Not something I’ve tried so still in the dark about “turning the heel and gusset”. You got a bargain as well. They look great!

  2. I knit socks for everyone but myself….until this year, and now I know why my family keeps asking for them! I have picked out a couple of “fancy” patterns for myself…maybe after the blanket is finished. Your first attempt looks amazing, Claire, enjoy knitting your own custom pair.

    • I’ll save “fancy” for when I become more competent ^^ For the time being, a simple pattern is keeping me happy and watching the yarn change colour.

  3. It’s a very useful skill, and if I lived in a climate where socks were necessary/useful, I’d probably swallow my resistance to the whole knitting thing, and make myself some. Unlikely, though. Bravo for mastering the dark art, and I foresee many elegant, colourful, handcrafted sockstravaganzas in your future!

  4. Well done for trying something new and a bit scarey! I love knitting socks and am making my son a pair. Then it is a pair for me knitted toe up and with a new-to-me way of turning the heel – be warned it all becomes addictive!

  5. Congratulations! You are sock knitter! The socks are beautiful and a perfect fit! I have no idea what “turn the heel” is. I am not a sock knitter. I have always said I will never be a sock knitter. I have no desire to knit socks. But seeing you and a couple of others knit fabulous socks on their first try, makes me also say “never say never”. Maybe someday. For now, I will enjoy watching you make socks. I am looking forward to seeing them in the pink yarn. So pretty!

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