3 dresses from 100g

Knitting needles are smoking!  Not only have I finished the little blue doll dress I started.

but I treated myself to a new knitting pattern on etsy.

and knitted version 1 twice.

Pattern was written for DK yarn, but I was on roll with my 4ply, so I experimented with tension and different needles to knit one dress for a 44cm doll, and then one for a 48cm doll.

And last photo, proof that I finished the first blue dress for my little 34cm doll. Having such fun with my needles . . . I’ll be casting on to knit more doll dresses.  Where I was pleasantly surprised:  it only took 2 x 50g of my self-striping 4ply to make these three dresses.  So looking in my yarn stash, I will be able to enjoy many more hours of knitting for dolls.

As always, for the squeamish, I’ve cropped heads. If you want to see the dolls looking all pretty in their new clothes, just click here.

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