keeping hands busy

I’ve been a bit quiet here. Like many others, no doubt, very preoccupied with what’s going on in Ukraine.

A couple of photos today, because I have been trying to keep my hands busy on something that doesn’t require much concentration.

One doll dress for a new red-headed doll.  Photo cropped here – don’t want to scare you. But you can see my little Mia doll (Nines d’Onil) in full over on my other blog: here. 

And another one dress in the making.

This is a pattern I’ve used several times before, and find it’s easy to adapt to different doll shapes/sizes, by changing yarn, needles and lengthening/shortening either the bodice or skirt part of the dress.


7 thoughts on “keeping hands busy

  1. That is such a pretty, lacy pattern. I jumped over to your other blog to see the uncropped picture. The dress is perfect for your doll.

    • lol you’re one of the brave ones ^^ Many people find my dolls “scarey” which is why I don’t post photos of them here very often, but I love them all, even the latest one with her little piggy eyes ^^

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