with this ring

Today I can reveal the top secret project I was working on last month because, our daughter (aka Lindashee) and partner tied the knot and my little fabric gift was part of the ceremony.

I made them a little ring cushion (respecting the chosen colour palette of ivory, blues & gold) – here the cushion before posting, so NOT with the official rings tied in place.  And, because the husband and I had trouble finding a wedding card we liked in the shops, I made a card.

Due to Covid, and continuing travel restrictions, we did not make the journey over to England.  You can imagine our frustration!  Not being there to hug our daughter or be beside her on the big day!  However, we were able to follow the ceremony thanks to one of the groom’s family who was in charge of filming and live-streaming . . . and our son, Mr Viking, who recorded the live-streaming for posterity.

11 thoughts on “with this ring

  1. What a shame you were unable to be there in person! But your ring cushion is delightful and the live streaming was a wonderful gift from other family members. Congratulations all round!

    • it certainly has! Never thought we’d be mother & father of the bride via live-streaming, but oh well! Bride looked absolutely stunning btw (and the groom wasn’t bad either lol) ^^

  2. It’s SO hard not be able to be present at life events like this. Glad someone made it possible for you to witness it virtually. I had to see my eldest son get married the same way, before Covid ever came along. Best wishes to the happy couple!

  3. A jubilant time, mixed with sadness when you cannot be there in person for this very special event. Hoping that the restrictions lift and you can see you lovely family soon, even if not able to on this very special day. The ring cushion is adorable, and sparkly

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