SAL “together we are magic” #14

That was my photo 3 weeks ago of “together we are magic”, a kit by Letistitch that I’ve been working on since April last year.  Photo of progress this time.

Not a huge amount, especially considering the area that needs to be covered.

Oh well . . . let’s go see how other SAL members are doing on their projects.




and we’ll back on 20th February.

33 thoughts on “SAL “together we are magic” #14

  1. I think you have gotten a whole lot of stitching completed especially if you consider how much counting you had to do in order to get the correct placement. This is so pretty.

    • yes I need to get a wiggle on and “force” myself to get past the half way mark. I think, once I move onto page 3 I’ll feel more motivated.

    • the gridding helps with the counting, it’s just there are so many colours that look almost the same! I seem to be forever changing threads and that’s what’s slowing me down.

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to see progress on these big pieces, what would seem lots of progress on a small chart is hard to see on projects like this, however as long as you are making it thats all that matters Claire. xxx

    • it’s rather depressing when I spend several hours on it not to be able to see progress. Thankfully, with my before & after photos for the SAL it does keep me motivated.

  3. And the deadline is…? It is a huge project and it will be very slow going so if it gets put away for a while what does it matter? Or if it just makes slow progress. You are doing it for pleasure not because you have a wall space to fill so relax and enjoy pottering through it.

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