quietly diamond dotting

I seem to be having a diamond painting phase, or, as I prefer to call it,  “diamond dotting” because that’s what it really is. Just picking up those colourful drills with the plastic pen and sticking them on the corresponding symbol.

I received a new DD kit for xmas, which was very fortuitous, since I’d recently finished the previous one I was working on.  The new kit, also a Koi carp theme and lots of blues.

It’s only small though so was very quick to complete.  Canvas size is 30cm x 30cm but finished design size is only approx 25cm x 25cm.

No sooner had I finished this, than I was prepping for the next one.  I’ll keep that as a bit of a mystery for now

This is a kit I bought from a discount store (ACTION).  Was a complete bargain for the price, being a full drill design area of 30cm x 40cm to cover.  Maybe not a design I’d have bought if deliberately shopping for a new diamond painting kit, but it’s very colourful and somewhat “abstract” which I do enjoy.


6 thoughts on “quietly diamond dotting

  1. I simply cannot go here!😂 This looks much too fun and addictive for my personality. As it is, I dare not take out one of my new puzzles, because I will do nothing else until it is finished!! I do love the colorful koi.

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