a new Shavo beginning

After knitting the Shavo pattern in grey for the husband, last month, I began knitting the same pattern for myself, but in pink.

I knitted the front piece first because that’s the piece that needed shaping for the neck & shoulders. Once rows are sorted for that, the back is just a rectangle with the same number of rows.

The “top secret very important” crafting project is now finished – ready to be posted and to be revealed in February.   With that done,  I’ll be getting back to some unicorn xstitch soon.  In the meantime, I sat out in the kitchen for a couple of hours and made up a set of 10 xmas decorations from a diamond painting kit I was gifted  this Christmas.


They were supposed to all be done in red & white, but I fancied playing around with leftover drills from other kits. So I did !