SAL “together we are magic” # 13

Sorry to say I was totally distracted these past 3 weeks, and hardly did any crafting.  At this rate, my current xstitch won’t be finished before 2023.

Here are my before & after photos.  This project isn’t top of my list of priorities for the next few weeks either as I have a “very important & secret project” to work on.  One that needs to be finished, posted and arrive at its destination early February.  I can say no more lol.

Let’s see how other SAL members did with progress, or whether they allowed themselves to get distracted like me.



20 thoughts on “SAL “together we are magic” # 13

  1. I can see your progress! Even a little progress is worth it and when you have a secret project going on that is far more important. I am looking forward to seeing that.

  2. Sometimes we have to put things into the order they need to be done in. At the end of the day its not how fast we complete a project but how much we enjoy the journey when we do have time to travel a little further. xx

  3. Every little bit counts and it looks beautiful so far. Super intrigued by secret project and can’t wait to see that in the future!

  4. These larger projects take forever, but they are so fun to watch progress. Your progress is still clearly visible. And, it should feel great to have an actual finish with your side project. Beautiful work!

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