SAL “together we are magic” #11 and a finished “Tiny Treasures”

Hello everyone! Today it’s our 3-weekly meet to motivate each other with SAL projects.  My current WIP for this is “together we are magic”, a kit by Letitstitch.  It’s a bit of a slog, I have to say, but little & often will see it done eventually.

Last time I was here

saying that if you squinted you could see unicorn ears.  I hope that today’s photo makes it easy to see the unicorns.

Still a very long way to go but I’ll think you’ll agree, I’m getting there.

Other photos to share a festive happy dance with you!  You’ll remember Avis and I both stitched “Tiny Treasures” from Sept 2020 – April 2021.  I’d chosen red, green & gold to stitch mine.  With Christmas only a few weeks away now, I’m pleased to share my finish. (The plastic clothes hanger is only temporary – need to find a nice rod of wood, and sorry about the stray pet hairs on white!).

I sewed 3 blingy gold buttons along the top and made 3 loops, with button holes. That way, I can remove loops and use this piece as a table runner if I choose to.  I might sew on 3 buttons along the bottom too, just for balance, or so I can hang it the other way up!.  Fabrics were all from my stash.

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And our next update will be 19th December.

30 thoughts on “SAL “together we are magic” #11 and a finished “Tiny Treasures”

  1. Coming along nicely Claire, and seems funny that both you and Avis are both finding your projects a slog without each other lol. I actually like the coat hanger idea as its not going to slip off as they sometimes do with the doweling. xx

    • yes we both chose a kit from our stash this time because the SAL is a good way to keep motivation high, but even so . . . without the SAL I think I’d had given up on this already!

  2. I was so happy to see the faces of the horses starting to emerge. Oh I love how you finished tiny treasures! Those fabrics are a wonderful complement to the cross-stitch. I would add the buttons to the other side also for balance and to switch the hanging. I love this idea. I plan to use it in the future.

    • glad you can see them now Cathie ^^ And yes I’ll probably hang it up for xmas on a proper hanger, and it’ll be quick to add 3 gold buttons to the bottom.

  3. Unicorns are making some nice steady progress. The numerous shades of white must make it tricky anyway. As for the table runner/hanging I think it’s an elegant solution to keep it around even when not in use and looks very pretty!

  4. Please don’t give up on the unicorn as I think the colours etc are gorgeous. The finishing touches to the Tiny Treasures is an inspired idea and I agree buttons on the other side so you could view from either angle.

  5. Ooooh, I love seeing your finished Tiny Treasures! And such a clever finish, too — though I would be too scared to use it as a table runner. (Maybe that says more about what messy diners we are in my house!)
    And your unicorns look pretty and you can really see their faces taking shape. Well done!

    • lol if it does double up as a table runner, rest assured, it’ll only be for decorative purposes! wouldn’t leave it on the table during the meal because we can be messy eaters too.

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