Saint Georges

Our house is situated right behind a 13th century church “Saint Georges”.  While the church dates back to the 13th century, it underwent  renovation over the centuries, both inside and out, but I believe the bell tower maintains most of the original 13th century features including gothic windows.  When we first visited our house, the location, just behind the church really tipped the scales in favour of us wanting to buy.  Of course, we fell in love with the house, but also fell in love with the scenery.

We arrived for a first viewing on a beautiful July day in 2014. Skies were blue, and as we parked, the bell tower chimed 11.  It’s not much to look at, from the outside really, but we have a view of the back of the church from our house.  We also have no need to wear a wrist watch or glance at a clock during the day because the bell tower faithfully chimes the hour and half hour throughout the day (from 8am – 8pm, with a bit more of a flourish ar 7pm for vespers).

Anyway . . . a couple of years ago, the local council had managed to allocate a budget for some renovation work.  Scaffolding went up, old rendering was removed, and work was done on the bell tower and one outer wall of the church.  The result looks like this.

During that time, the bell was removed, in order to do the work properly on the tower, and it felt very strange for several months without the familiar chimes.  However, the bell was replaced, and we were once more able to hear the reassuring chimes.  Because renovation work is expensive business, and we live in a small village, work stopped there. However, fast forward time to last week . . . the local council obviously has more money in the church fund – yay!  Scaffolding has gone up!

around the back and along another side.  And work has begun.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the budget is going to stretch to renovating the front of Saint Georges just yet, since there’s no scaffolding on the front.

Apparently there are plans to re-do the paving in front of the church (and hopefully the front itself) so that’ll be something to look forward when there’s more money in the kitty!


17 thoughts on “Saint Georges

  1. Very picturesque.
    Judging by my own experience recently it might be less about funds and more about getting a blooming roofer to commit to the work. Although we now have scaffolding up so progress at least.

    • yes I should have written “resoration” rather than renovation, because they’re removing the ugly rendering to reveal the gorgeous “pisé” stonework underneath. Feel so priviledged to live so close to such a historic building.

  2. Oh how beautiful and thank you for the pictures. It is so lovely and you are really blessed. Is it possible to show pictures of the inside as well? Would love to see it 🙂

    • this church is rarely opened for use because there’s a second church in our little tryptich of communes. I’ve been inside once, for the funeral of a very elderly neighbour – wasn’t the kind of event where I could sneak photos though ^^

  3. It is a beautiful old church. It will look even lovelier after the renovations. So glad they are taking the time to renovate and do it right. I bet you were very happy to hear the bells again. It must have been so silent during that period of renovations. Thanks for sharing.

    • was having a chat with the workers today and they ARE going to be restoring the front too, this time! Just didn’t have enough scaffolding so they’re doing side & back first, then the front. Church will be looking beautiful before Christmas!

    • church has only been opened a few times since we moved here, and it’s always been for funerals. We did attend one (very elderly nextdoor neighbour) but I doubt I’ll have the opportunity to sneak inside with camera one day ^^

  4. It looks beautiful and charming, Claire. And it brought back memories. I spent a couple of months with my sister in a little village and one of my (many!) delights was to hear the church bell ring out the hour. I live at the back of a large inner-city church and there are rarely bells 😞

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