hen happenings # october round-up

Well the last month, things have been hunky dory in the hen enclosure.  The new gals took a few weeks to settle in, and it took Ruby just as long to accept their presence, but the four of them seem to be getting along nicely now.

It certainly didn’t take the newbies long to recognise the reuseable ice-cream tub as meaning “treats” every day.  Depending on what leftovers we have, here they are enjoying some GF pasta from our dinner the night before.  Anyway, we’ve had eggs in a variety of shapes and sizes in October, including several double yolkers!  There have also been broken eggs because someone (I don’t know who) insists on letting drop from a perch instead of laying in the nesting box.   Agatha, our black & tan, hasn’t even worked out how to perch yet. So, while the other 3 all spend the night balancing on the same perch, Agatha just sleeps in a corner of the coop on the sawdust covered floor.

Anyway, total of eggs collected this month (including the broken ones) was an all-time low. Only 60 eggs for October, despite having 4 hens!  The good news . . . Ruby’s feathers are finally growing back and she’s looking like a red hen again.

I think you’ll agree that Ruby’s appearance now (on the left) is a fast improvement of what she looked like late September (below).