waiting for buttons

I’m having an almost happy dance here – yay!  It took lots of cursing, swearing, and more watching of youtube videos, but I managed to pick up stitches and get my neckband and  button bands knitted.

Once all seams were sewn and loose ends woven in, I decided that cardigan needing blocking properly to keep those button bands from trying to curl . . . so I bunged the buttonless cardigan in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, and left it to dry flat on the clothes airer.  The final touch, being a cardigan, is to add the “perfect” buttons, which is why I’m not having a full-flung happy dance, modelling my purple cardigan just yet.

Originally it started out as a stash-busting project (pattern & yarn from stash) and I planned on using buttons from stash too.  However, I need 10 buttons for this project, have decided on 20mm size, and the only ones I have in my stash (in sufficient number) are “gold” (well, plastic painted gold).

And I’m not 100% sure about either.

I’ve therefore pressed the pause button on my happy dancing . . . and ordered in 2 different types of metal buttons in silver/antique silver.  They should be arriving some time this week, so I’ll be able to decide once I can compare.  In the meantime, I’m itching to cast on a new knitting project.

16 thoughts on “waiting for buttons

  1. This looks so neat Claire. What is it with buttons? I have hundreds of buttons but very rarely do I have just the right colour or the right amount to be useful. Sometimes I think I might as well just donate the lot to a charity shop and buy when needed. I’m getting very ruthless since downsizing.

    • thanks Lynn. As for buttons, gosh yes, I must have at least a thousand, sorted in various jam jars and boxes, and yet nothing suitable when I needed 10 of the same, in the right size.

  2. I am like you Claire, the gold whilst not being awful, does not look quite right somehow. I think the antique silver may be the best look but its so hard to tell when you are buying from a colour on a computer. Hope you find the perfect button as all your hard work deserves the perfect finishing touch. xx

    • I did try looking for purple, but nothing came close to the yarn colour, hence leaning towards metallic, and crossing fingers one of the silvers will be a good match.

    • I don’t dislike the look of the gold,. Just feel they look a bit glamorous and bling for an over-sized cardie I’m planning on wearing every day, in the colder months, including when I say hello to the hens.

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