SAL “together we are magic” #9

It’s time for the 3-weekly link-up with other SAL members.



who have all been busily stitching (I hope!) on their currents projects.  Mine is a kit by Letitstitch, and last time I had just begun on page 2 (of 4) of the chart.

Since then, I allowed myself to get distracted by other projects, so sadly, I didn’t get much done.

Still having to juggle with lots of different blues for the background, but I did also add some beige which is the beginnings of an ear.

We’ll be back in 3 weeks time, on 7th November.

23 thoughts on “SAL “together we are magic” #9

    • once upon a time, the only crafting I did was xstitch, but since having branched out to knitting & crochet, I sometime lose motivation for xstitch. Thankfully, this SAL is keeping me on track.

  1. Well you’ve made some nice progress in terms of knitting and crochet so regardless of how little you do on this one, every little bit helps. You got to the second top corner at least 😉

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