Frankie monster beanies

Who can resist dressing up for Hallowe’en, eh?  Most kids I know can”t!  Which is why, when I saw a crochet pattern to make a Frankenstein monster hat on etsy, I clicked & bought.  Pattern had instructions to make 3 different sizes, using Aran yarn.  I didn’t have any in my stash, so I used DK and altered number of stitches & rows slightly.

I made two because the first one, on the left, turned out perhaps a little snug for the person I was planning on gifting it to. Not to worry, my 92cm Daisy doll (Monika Levenig) is quite happy to wear that one.


The second one, was posted to the person I thought of when I first saw the pattern. To Little Miss Viking – yay!  She turned 3 in August, goes to nursery 5 mornings a week, and is growing up fast (sadly we haven’t seen her in over 2 years).  Anyway, she loves dressing up, and has a thing about monsters, zombies, and lions at the moment.  To respect privacy, Daddy Viking blurred out her face . . . but this is Little Miss Viking literally seconds after having ripped the package open.

Maybe not the best photo of the actual hat lol, but you get the general idea!

with buttons!

Finished photos to share with you today, of the purple cardie with buttons – yay!

After deciding the “gold” coloured buttons in my stash looked a bit “bling”, I ordered two sets in “antique silver”.  Above photo to show the two designs.  I like them both.   It just so happens that the top design was sold in a pack of 12, and the bottom design was sold in a pack of 10.  I needed 10 buttons for the cardie, so I went with those.

Here’s me, looking very frumpy, but pleased, with my new cardie.  Next photo, on my tailor’s dummy to prove that the button band IS perfectly vertical, although it doesn’t look like it on me!).

Anyway, I made it several sizes too big, because I do love an over-sized cardigan, and will be able to wear it more as a jacket when the colder weather comes.  I added buttons all the way down because I thought it looked incomplete otherwise . . . but I doubt I’ll actually use those lower buttons, they’re more there for show.

In the meantime . . . I’m impatiently waiting for an order of aran yarn.  Still very much in the mood to do some autumn knitting . . . and while waiting, I’ve begun a small project.

Pattern was a free download on Wool Warehouse.  Yarn is “Lincoln” green Stylecraft DK (from my stash).  Am following pattern size 4-5 years, and knitting for someone close to my heart.


waiting for buttons

I’m having an almost happy dance here – yay!  It took lots of cursing, swearing, and more watching of youtube videos, but I managed to pick up stitches and get my neckband and  button bands knitted.

Once all seams were sewn and loose ends woven in, I decided that cardigan needing blocking properly to keep those button bands from trying to curl . . . so I bunged the buttonless cardigan in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, and left it to dry flat on the clothes airer.  The final touch, being a cardigan, is to add the “perfect” buttons, which is why I’m not having a full-flung happy dance, modelling my purple cardigan just yet.

Originally it started out as a stash-busting project (pattern & yarn from stash) and I planned on using buttons from stash too.  However, I need 10 buttons for this project, have decided on 20mm size, and the only ones I have in my stash (in sufficient number) are “gold” (well, plastic painted gold).

And I’m not 100% sure about either.

I’ve therefore pressed the pause button on my happy dancing . . . and ordered in 2 different types of metal buttons in silver/antique silver.  They should be arriving some time this week, so I’ll be able to decide once I can compare.  In the meantime, I’m itching to cast on a new knitting project.

purple knitting

On 10th of this month, I showed you a knitting project, actually begun on 29th September of a long plain cardigan I’m making for myself.  It’s a stash-busting project, using some acrylic yarn I’ve had in my stash for a number of years and a Sirdar Hayfield pattern bought a couple of years ago.

Since my last update, I knitted both fronts, and both sleeves, remaining consistent with my raglan decreases.  And, after watching a couple of videos on youtube, to remind myself on how to assemble my pieces . . . I’ve sewn the 4 raglan seams – yay!

Here’s a photo of the first one.  I’m so pleased with how it turned out!  This photo shows you the true colour of the yarn.

Anyway . . . next job will be to knit the neckband and button bands.  I put back & sleeve stitches onto stitch holders, rather than doing the cast off as pattern suggested.  Will just need to increase evenly by a few stitches on those parts, when also picking up on the 2 fronts at neck line.  Am very optimistic that I’ll have a finished cardigan to keep me snug, by the end of the month!

SAL “together we are magic” #9

It’s time for the 3-weekly link-up with other SAL members.



who have all been busily stitching (I hope!) on their currents projects.  Mine is a kit by Letitstitch, and last time I had just begun on page 2 (of 4) of the chart.

Since then, I allowed myself to get distracted by other projects, so sadly, I didn’t get much done.

Still having to juggle with lots of different blues for the background, but I did also add some beige which is the beginnings of an ear.

We’ll be back in 3 weeks time, on 7th November.

ScrapHappy # october

It’s 15th of the month, the day to link up with other ScrapHappy people around the world and play around with our scraps.

Last month I didn’t have anything to show you except this photo
of leftover yarns and a pattern I’d found on the internet by Zhaya Designs.  The pattern is to make what Zhaya calls “smooching balls”.  I thought I’d give them a go.
Mine are still a work in progress.  I’ve made one little “fellow” but he needs to have his pink feet sewn on and then some kind of hair & facial featurees.  The second one is just a stuffed ball for the moment.  Also needs a face, legs and some kind of hair.

knitting & stash busting

After a couple of crochet projects to help with my yarn stash busting I picked out a knitting pattern (from my stash) that would be suitable for using some DK yarn I bought at least 6 years ago.

The yarn, bought before I really knew much about knitting, was sold in bags of 10 x 50g balls.  Label gives tension as DK equivalent, and the bags stated that 500g would be enough to knit something in a size 42 (EU sizing).  Therefore, at the time, I bought TWO bags lol.

I also had this pattern, bought a couple of years ago, but never knitted . . . of a very ordinary looking long cardigan/jacket in stocking stitch.  Pattern model made using a self-striping yarn. I  bought this pattern because it’s so simple, and is something I would wear in the colder months.  So, with colder months not far away, I finally got around to casting on

Pattern is Sirdar Hayfield #8159.  It’s all 2×2 ribbing and stocking stitch.  Nothing very exciting but, with the raglan sleeve style, after over 22″ of rib & straight stocking stitch, I finally got some practice with my decreasing over 60 rows.

So far, after many many hours of knitting, due to the fact I’m knitting this in a very large size, I have a back – yay!  And, after racking Avis’ brains, plus lots of watching of videos on youtube on how to decrease neatly, when the pattern just says “dec 1 stitch at each end on every row”  or “dec 1 stitch at each end of next and foll alt rows”, without specifying which decrease method to use . . . I opted to not just do the K2tog or P2tog at both ends, but to try the SSK and the SSP where appropriate to work on getting my stitches sloping inwards.

Not sure if I’ve done it properly, but it looks neat enough to me.  And big sigh of relief when that back part was done because it’s huge and was getting quite heavy on my needles.

monster crochet stash-busting

After making the bright pink crochet dragon, I had a tidy up in my “discount store” yarn drawer. Very happy to see that, whereas once upon a time it was overflowing and difficult to close, now there’s plenty of room in there.

I had lots of bright neon colours in there, just crying out to crocheted.   So, a quick flick through my pile of crochet books looking for a pattern to make something in another bright colour.

And this is what I made.

Pattern from the book “Amigurumi Monsters”.

Design by YOUnique crafts:  Toby the triclops.  My Toby turned out at 6″ tall (that’s the measurement to his middle eye).  I love his feet, with 4 toes each, and he has a thumb on each hand.  He was a nice, relaxing, easy project to make.