SAL “together we are magic” #7

It’s time to link up with a world-wide group of stitchers, to share progress on the diverse projects we’re working on.


DeborahReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneAJ, CathieLindaHelen

My project is a kit by Letistitch: “together we are magic”. It’s 152 x 200 stitches big, stitched on 16 count aida and is full coverage.  I decided, from the start, that I needed to grid my fabric and take this one page at a time, otherwise I’d get lost (and lose motivation) along the way.

Last time I showed you this photo

For this time, I am rather proud of myself, because . . .

this is where I’m up to.  Although I haven’t added backstitch detail yet, I have completed page 1 (chart is printed on four pages of A3) and, if you look at the bottom right of chart, you can see the arrows that mark the centre of the design.  I said design is 152 x 200 stitches. Page 1 covers stitches 80 x 110  which means I’m more than a quarter of the way through, even if I’ve still got 3 pages to tackle.

Here’s a close up

And here’s a reminder of what I’m actually working on.


It’s slower going that I had originally thought, but I’m feeling motivated knowing I “only” have 3 more A3 pages to follow!

Next update on 26th August!

21 thoughts on “SAL “together we are magic” #7

    • no deadline no ^^ Just me trying to set myself goals so that I make regular progress otherwise I’d be tempted to give up and work on something else.

    • thanks Daisy ^^ Sometimes it’s hard to just enjoy the process when I look at how much there is still left to do. But working on it page by page should help.

    • good light and magnifying glasses perched on te end of my nose (on top of normal glasses) is the only way I can cross stitch these days lol

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