cotton cardie happy dance

I’m having a cotton cardie happy dance here!

This is the pattern.  Sirdar 7283.  I chose it because it has both short & long sleeve versions, pattern sizes from child to adult, and I wanted to try my hand at some more “lace” knitting, after the success of a couple of doll dresses.  I also chose this one because I had some Rico Designs DK cotton in my stash and this seemed the perfect project.  I bought this pattern on Wool Warehouse here, the pdf version so I didn’t have to worry about p&p and pattern was downloadable the instant payment went through.

Here is a back view.

Front view (I didn’t block and the ribbed bands wanted to curl in a little).

And on yours truly, to show it fits!

Sorry about the face.  That was my “waiting for the husband to say cheese” face and the “is cardie looking even at the bottom?” but the husband didn’t give any warning and just clicked.  You get the general idea though.  A lovely short-sleeved cardie, in cotton, with round neck line, and just one button for fastening.  I am ever so pleased with it.  Not only did I manage to do the neck shaping “in pattern” but I also managed to do all the picking up of stitches neatly, for the neck & front ribbed bands.  It’s a perfect fit and looks exactly how the pattern models promised it would.  I’m also pleased because I used 7 x 50g of my yarn stash, and have 3 balls left of this Rico cotton, that I shall be using to make something in either child or doll size.