ScrapHappy # August

Today is the day to link up with fellow ScrapHappy people.  Today also falls on the same day as my usual SAL update, so if you came looking for that, it’ll be in a slightly later post.

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My photo for August was actually taken in July, only shortly after the last Scraphappy day . . . as I crocheted some more squares for the local yarn bomb.

None of them are terribly “pretty” but I really was going through the dregs of my leftovers.  There was a masked, socially distanced, get-together at the end of July to assemble squares with other ladies, at the local library.  I was rather disappointed to see the poor turnout, and the rather pitiful pile of squares that had been contributed. But, living in a village, population 1600, there weren’t very many local knitters or crocheters to participate.  We assembled the squares (alternating sizes, and trying to get a variety of colour) into five lengths of bunting.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to take photos because the bunting has been hung inside the library, and it’s currently closed for summer hols.

11 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # August

  1. Ooh we must have pics next month please. You did your bit with some super blocks. Find it surprising they close the library during school holidays, our UK libraries have a big push on children’s membership during the holidays with reading challenges.

    • Before we moved here, Cathy, we lived in a large town (pop 45000) with a huge library that stayed open all year round and organised holiday activities for the kids. Now we live in small rural village, (pop 1600) library is no bigger than our living room and is run by volunteers. Even when it’s open, it only opens 3 half days a week lol.

  2. You may not think your squares are very pretty but in a project like the yarn bombing it is the overall effect which matters and having enough squares. It seems a brilliant way to use up those bits of your stash which otherwise would never get used and which will look good mixed with all the other ones.

    • that’s my worry – that there weren’t many squares and that our bunting is going to look a very lame excuse for a yarn bomb ^^

  3. A shame about the poor response but I look forward to seeing the photos of what was achieved once the library is open again. August in rural France eh? I remember it well. 😉

    • has to be experienced to be believed ^^ Local (and only) mini-market has now closed for 2 weeks as has bakers, So if we need any food or bread, we’ll have to drive to closest town.

      • It used to amaze me when a place would be full of tourists and some restaurants and gifts shops would have a ‘closed for the holidays’ sign on the door. I remember everyone laughed when Alan Sugar, on ‘The Apprentice’ said something like – there’s no such word as ‘entrepreneur’ in France but I know just what he meant.

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