learning lace stitch

Well, I’m feeling rather pleased with myself, I have to say because I recently mastered a new knitting stitch pattern and new horizons open up before me!  The stitch pattern in question is: “lace, or the art of deliberately knitting holes into the pattern lol.

It started, not very long ago when I spotted a lovely dress pattern for 32cm dolls on etsy.  Pattern is by CuklaMania here.

Sadly, I didn’t have any yarn in my stash that would work (so I had to order some in) but in the meantime, I saw no reason why I couldn’t give the pattern a try out on different yarn.  Having quite a collection of dolls in various shapes & sizes, I was confident, a dress knit in a slightly thicker yarn would fit at least one member of my dolly family.  So . . . pattern paid for (thanks to Daddy Viking, because I don’t have a p@yp@l account), downloaded & printed out.  And I set to work with Stylecraft Special DK in “citron” yellow on 3.5mm needles learning how to “yo” and “ssk”.  Much tinking happened along the way but . . .

in no time at all (okay, maybe longer!) I had finished a dress – yay!  A dress that looked exactly like the pattern photo – oh joy!  I then rushed upstairs to try it on a few dolls.  And it is the perfect fit for one in particular (a 40cm doll).  On a roll .  .  .  I then pulled out a ball of light minty green 4-ply and gave the pattern a second try, still on 3.5mm needles.  And then again in Stylecraft Special DK, a sort of raspberry pink, on 3mm needles.

The “exercise” being to see how yarn type or needle size alters the size of the finished dress. And also to give myself more practice with the pattern, which, in turn, gave me plenty of practice in “tinking” every time I forgot to “yo” and didn’t notice until the end of the next row.

This last photo shows the slight difference in size depending on yarn or needles.  Dresses 2 and 3 are good fits on my Disney Animator dolls.  I have yet to knit the pattern in a finer yarn and make it to fit the doll it was intended for in the first place.  But that will happen fairly soon.  In the meantime, now I’ve mastered a new knitting technique, I’ve been browsing patterns, and am feeling very motivated to take on a much larger knitting project in the interests of stash-busting.  The main problem there being, my stash is so big and choice of patterns is so vast . . . I’m dithering about what large project to begin.  Never fear, I will share with you, once I have decided.

14 thoughts on “learning lace stitch

  1. Well done and now you have mastered the basic hole you should find any pattern with a hole easy to knit. Most knitting patterns are very easy once you have the basics. Just take them slowly and make sure you understand the abbreviations Claire and you will be knitting really lacy patterns in no time. You will also find that plain knitting becomes very boring once you start doing more intricate patterns. xx

    • yes, I think it’s the abbreviations that make knitting appear more difficult than it is. It’s like having to learn a whole new language when you begin.

  2. Well done Claire. The knitting world is your oyster now. I found it interesting when I did the recent KAL blanket because there were things I’d never done before, like mosaic knitting. YouTube instructions are invaluable but I’m going to try some Fair Isle with one of the women at my craft group as she is an expert and, although I’ll never have the patience to do a whole jumper or cardigan, I might attempt something smaller.

    • oh gosh without youtube, we’d be back in the dark ages and I’ wouldn’t have made any progress!
      Good luck with your Fair Isle knitting lessons – not sure I’d be that brave, but I look forward to seeing your first steps!

  3. I am always amazed by how I feel daunted by a new technique and avoid it for ages, then have a go and struggle with it, then get the hang of it and wonder why I ever doubted myself! I am impressed by your experiment with yarns and needle sizes too.

  4. Your lace is beautiful. Well done snd dont worry even the most advanced knitters have to frog because they missed a YO or S2 etc.
    I love these dresses and see quilting flying geese as i admire your craft work

    • flying geese, yes they do a bit! What I liked about these dresses the most is: knit all in one piece, no sewing up to do!

      • Seamless, yes a blessing. The last piece I did seamless was a Jumper for the MOTH. it took ages for an adult size item, yet easily carried out in front of the TV.

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