SAL “Together we are magic” # 5

Hello folks!  Time to share progress and encouragement with other SAL members on this our 3-weekly posting.  Here’s where I was last time.

And this is what things look like today.

I’ve given up trying to work in 10×10 sections, as that isn’t how I like to work. Instead, I’m just working on page 1 (of 4) of the chart, which means anywhere with a 90 x 110 stitch grid.  This method seems to be working better for me, allowing me to follow symbols around, and occasionally fill in on confetti stitching whenever I have a small length of thread on my needle that needs using up.  That first butterfly, for example, is just missing 3 stitches & backstitch.

Still a long long way to go but I’m enjoying it a lot more.

Here’s a list of fellow SAL members. Everyone is working on different projects, and it’s lovely to see the variety.



We’ll be back on 15th August.

28 thoughts on “SAL “Together we are magic” # 5

  1. Sometimes you just need to find your own way of doing things. I am glad you found your way to enjoy this stitching more. Your butterflies are so soft and gentle.

  2. I’m glad you changed how you were working at it, grids work better for some I also find them constraining and prefer to go “with the flow” of how the colours are painted. Confetti stitching DOES make this method harder cause you have to count very carefully and I often get it wrong but when it’s confetti, a few mistakes don’t really matter. IT’s making good progress!

  3. Great progress, looks lovely. I’m with you on working in blocks, I’ve never got it, I did a surprise SAL once that was released in blocks, I got really frustrated as I’d have to go back the following week to add a single cross-stitch.

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