a bit of this and that

A bit of this & that today . . . I’ve been quite busy crafting for my dolls. Some sewing, knitting & crocheting going on for dolls in various shapes and sizes (over on Claire’s Collections – link in the blog roll).  My friend, Avis, has to put up with me sending her loads of photos by email, showing her what I get up to, hearing my success stories and also my fails.  She very recently sent me a surprise package

containing 8 FQs and 6 mini curly wurly bars lol.  The curly wurlies were because (living in France) that’s not something I can find in the shops and the other week our local ACTION store were supposed to be getting some in.  I went along twice in the hopes of nabbing some curly wurly bars, a souvenir from my childhood, but both times, there were none in stock.  Avis therefore surprised me by posting some out and I’ve been rationing myself to make them last as long as possible.  The fabrics are to give me incentive when making doll clothes, and for trying out new patterns.

I’ve also been making lots of progress with diamond painting.  You may remember, I’m working on quite a large project of a feather.  Last progress I showed, way back in May, looked like this

That was with 22cm completed.  Since then, working little and often, I have now covered more than 57cm of the canvas.

Lots of pretty pinks and purples as I work my way down the feather.

Not that much farther to go.  I wonder if I’ll be having a feather happy dance before the month is over?






17 thoughts on “a bit of this and that

    • oh yes, I enjoyed a curly wurly straight away, but will ration the rest ^^ As for fabric, pink isn’t my preferred colour and Avis knows that, but idea is to make me feel less guilty about cutting into new fabric to make doll clothes.

    • lol a curly wurly was one of the sweets I’d buy with my pocket money back in the early 70s (in England). They were a lot bigger then than they are now. They’re soft salty toffee covered in milk chocolate made by Cadburys.

  1. Those ditsy little prints will be perfect for dolls clothes and the Curly Wurlys -wow! they do look a lot smaller than I remember. I haven’t fully explored the sweet counter since I’ve been back in England but I’ve noticed, out of the corner of my eye, some Twirls I nearly succumbed to.

    • I can remember, as a kid, when the ice-cream van came round we could get a cone and pay extra for either a a Cadburys Flake or a Twirl. We preferred the Twirl ^^

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