SAL “Together we are magic” #4

Oh dear!  I’ve really slowed down with cross stitching lately.  So many other crafting projects calling to me, that I can’t get up the motivation in the evening.  Three weeks ago, I’d already begun to fall behind my self-imposed target

and I’ve fallen behind some more.

Oh well, it’s still progress, even if nowhere near as much as I had hoped.  There’s a second butterfly taking shape, but no real hint of a unicorn yet.

and still lots of fabric to cover.

I wonder if other SAL members were more industrious?  Here is the full list of links if you want to hop along and visit.



And we’ll be back on 25th July with a fresh update!

36 thoughts on “SAL “Together we are magic” #4

  1. I don’t do SALs or CALs or KALs because I know that some weeks will be fine and others I won’t get anything done. Since all this is for pleasure and you decided a goal for each month you have every right to change the goal or even do nothing at all. It isn’t perishable so if it sits on your worktable for a few weeks no harm is done!

    • yep, this is supposed to be about enjoyment, you’re right ^^ I initially set myself “goals” on this one because I knew from the start it would be a hard slog but I’ll just have to re-set my targets. I love this design, and really want to complete it . . . just having to accept the fact it’s going to take me a lot longer than I first thought.

  2. Oh! Claire, when I made targets if they were not met then I felt bad and lacked any sense of achievement. We are not in a race so stitch and enjoy and if you do not feel like stitching one evening – well what the heck, its a hobby not a job. Life is busy and should be fun. Stop making goals and just enjoy every stitch whether you achieve lots or a little. We get one life so enjoy it and forget anything that makes you stressed.

  3. I have found that setting a self-imposed pace makes stitching lest enjoyable. I only give myself a deadline if there is an actual date for a piece to be finished and gifted by. The latest butterfly is growing and is very pretty.

  4. This is looking fabulous. As others have said, this is something we do for enjoyment. Targets are fine, as incentive, but they’re definitely moveable and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t meet them. (Trust me, I know this LOL)

    • lol the reason I started, setting myself targets on this one is because I know it’s going to be a long time in the stitching, and I didn’t want it to drag on for 3 years ^^ Once I’d decided on gridding method, I thought I could manage 40 x 40 every 3 weeks, which would mean 20 updates (or 60 weeks ) . . . as things stand, I’m just going to have to accept that it will take me 3 years after all ^^

  5. This is beautiful! And you are not alone in falling short of your goal. I moved my crafting station upstairs and the heatwave that hit the northwest made it WAY too warm to want to spend my evenings upstairs stitching. Perhaps we’ll both make more progress for our next update. Happy Stitching!

    • I always do my cross stitching in living room, because that’s where I have my decent lamp. I slow-going is partly because of the long daylight hours. It’s light outside until quite late, and while it’s light outside, I seem to be doing other things. When winter comes, and the nights draw in, I tend to snuggle up on the sofa and put in longer hours stitching ^^

  6. Well you might be behind your target, but I think you’re doing a great job on a lovely project! You don’t want to turn it into a job:)

  7. Looks like many of us were falling a little behind this go around, but it sounds like you have many other fun projects in the works!! The second butterfly is definitely coming along 🙂

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