washed away

We had a terrific storm with torrential rain the other day . . . resulting in severe damage to the banks of the little stream only a stone’s throw from the house.  Before: photo taken looking downstream.

On the right you can see a white barrier, which is wrought iron sheets, and ran all along the bankside for several metres, keeping the embackment in place. Just to the left of that you can also see the first of 5 stone steps, that led down to the stream.  On the morning after,  looking upstream, things looked like this

Only three stone steps remaining (number 3 looks decidedly wobbly) and the banks completely caved in.

We, and other residents in our little close, have contacted the local council who are going to send someone round very soon to check out damage and decide how (and when) to go about repairing damage.  In the meantime, we’re hoping we don’t get any more heavy rain which will only make things worse.

Apart from that . . . I’ve been keeping busy indoors, crafting for dolls which entails some sewing, crocheting and even some shoe-making.  Am currently playing around with a very small 23cm doll I received for Christmas 2019, and discovering how fiddly it is making things for such a small doll.

Here’s a photo of one of my recent makes:  a little pair of shoes, only 4cm long, for tiny feet.  If you want to see more, just hop over to my other blog: Claire’s Collections.


15 thoughts on “washed away

  1. The flooding has done a real number on that barrier. I hope you get it fixed soon. From the look of the rest of the stream bed, it appears that flooding has eroded it very deeply over time, so it would be good if the council did a proper repair, maybe with gabions or something similar. Good luck!

    • yep gabions were mentioned when the husband & couple of neighbours did a first assessment. Here’s hoping council will do something soon and effective!

  2. Good luck with the repairs. I reported damage to the road bridge over the stream here over a year ago. The problem is 2 big Ash trees which have their roots in the stonework. I am told the job of felling them and doing the repairs is ‘on the list’! I hope your local Council is a bit more proactive!

  3. sweet tiny shoes 🙂 thats some damage ~ hoping for a good fix and repair. We too have a stream like yours behind our home and are prone to seasonal damage too – but this seems pretty severe…

  4. Mother Nature sure is insistent when she decides to recarve a waterway. Hopefully, the stream will be fixed and back to it’s charming glory soon.
    Oh my, that is a tiny shoe. You do such wonderful work making fiddly look perfect. Well done.

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