zodiac QAYG part 1

It’s been too hot here to do much crafting but I have finally started work on finishing my zodiac blocks, in very short sessions.

I did actually get blocks all quilted back in April but then they were left in a pile as I couldn’t decide what fabric to use for my QAYG strips.  After 2 months of walking past the pile of blocks and fabric, I decided I just had to stop second guessing myself, and to get on with it!  I’ve kept things very plain, which is quite unusual for me!  I didn’t want the front to be too busy, because I spent an awful lot of hours cross stitching those zodiac designs, on 20 count aida, so I’d like them to really stand out.

I’ve used a milky chocolate brown on the front . . . it’s what I used for backing fabric, and I’m even using it for my 1″ strips on the back too!

So, when I say plain – it really is going to be plain on the back!  Anyway . . . with 12 blocks to this quilt, I assembled first into pairs.  And then I assembled pairs into panels of 6.

All I need is a couple more sewing sessions to join both panels, and then to add binding.  Stay tuned!


25 thoughts on “zodiac QAYG part 1

    • yes I was originally going to add some busy prints to the blocks, but Avis talked me out of it. I’m glad she did ^^ And while I was hesitant with my choice of brown for the QAYG strips, I think it works with the browns in the cross stitched centres.

  1. It already looks so good, it’s going to be a wonderful quilt! I still remember when you were stitching the zodiac blocks, they will really be the stars of the show

  2. It is looking lovely! The colours really work and the plain makes the cross stitch panels the stars of the show.

  3. It’s looking really good! I really like your choice of the milk-chocolate brown sashing, it complements the rest of the block designs perfectly. Can’t wait to see the finished thing!

    • very soon, I promise ^^
      btw wanted to say thank you for your suggestion of 1.75″ strips for the ones that are folded in half – I used 2″ strips on previous QAYG projects, but the 1.75″ is perfect!

      • You’re welcome! I used to use the 2″ because that was the accepted size, but it’s just too big and flappy, isn’t it? I’d be tempted to go even smaller if I was going to sew all the doubled strips down by hand, for a really flat finish, but most of the time I don’t have the time or energy for such perfection!

      • I agree, the 1.75″ was perfect for machine stiching down, and to make it look more balanced, I stitched right on the edge all along the other side too.

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