SAL “together we are magic” #3

Above is the photo I posted 3 weeks ago of my current SAL project:  “Together we are magic”, a Letitstitch kit with artwork by Jody Bergsma).  I had started out hoping to complete segments of 40 x 40 stitches each time, but I’ve already fallen behind.  Gridding does help, but there’s so much thread changing to deal with, and I noticed there’s also some half stitches appearing now, so I need to concentrate.

Anyway, here is progress for this time.

Here is the list of links to other SAL members. I wonder if there have been any happy dances this time?


And we’ll be back on 4th July!

19 thoughts on “SAL “together we are magic” #3

    • thanks Daisy. I’m trying not to worry that I’m already behind on my third update – need to just enjoy the process and stop worrying how long it’ll take.

  1. I imagine griding is essential on a project like this Claire. I was looking at your gridding – always handy but I am not good at it lol. However it looks as though yours is drawn on rather than stitched. Can you tell me if it is drawn and what you used to do it if it is? Thanks xx

    • yes, I used a pen, a Pilot FriXion pen (that we can buy in most shops in France). Looks like a normal pen but the ink disappears when it comes in contact with heat. So a quick iron when I want to make lines disappear.

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