more sensible sewing

I’ve been busy, cutting, pinning and sewing . . . nothing very exciting, but having a few more sensible sewing sessions.  6 years ago (time flies), when helping with MIL’s house clearance, there were lots of bed sheets, some never used, that I saved and had been storing in a cupboard ever since.  We don’t use sheets & blankets, we prefer quilts and quilt covers . . . but the advantage of bed sheets is, there’s an awful lot of fabric to use up.  MIL wouldn’t have liked for good fabric to go to waste, so I hope she’d approve of what I’ve done!

I pulled out two sheets in “blues” (both brand new), gave them a wash and iron.  And I’ve made a reversible quilt cover.  Added plastic poppers to the bottom of the quilt cover and had enough fabric to make matching pillow cases (2 in each fabric).  Btw:  when I say “pillow case” I use the word meaning “bed linen, so for use on bed pillows.

The hardest part was battling with two whopping great big sheets, and getting them cut square so I could sew and make to fit for a 200cm x 200cm quilt. There were quite a lot of scraps left over . . . the floral might make something pretty for my dolls. Not sure about the other fabric, but it’s going in the scrap box.

Another sheet, in beige, but slightly faded in places, gave enough to make 4 pillow cases (two already in use, so not in photo)  and I also came across a couple of “old” table cloths (mine, from about 30 years ago when we used table cloths).

Table cloths were without stains, but one had obviously been used/washed more often than the other . . . fabric also has a distinctive “kitchen” look to it, but I’ve turned it onto pillow cases regardless.   Before cutting and sewing, I did actually have a proper measure up, and you’ll be seeing more of the green soon because  I cut a couple of rectangles and strips, to finish off some of my scrappy table mats.

I do, of course, have drawers full of fabric I could have used for this sensible sewing, but I liked the idea of using the bedlinen & table cloths to make more bed linen.  Still have a couple of sheets, but I might save them as they’d make good backing fabric for future patchwork quilts.

17 thoughts on “more sensible sewing

    • impressed, maybe not lol, since MIL was a great believer in reusing, and she was a very talented seamstress. I’d like to think she’d approve of me having adapted so we get proper use out of the brand new sheets though/

    • I’ve still got plenty left – and it’ll probably come in handy when I need backing fabric for quilting cushion covers (since it’ll be on the inside and never seen).

  1. Upcycling, recycling or repurposing, whatever you call it I am a big fan. I think many of the youngsters (and not so young) these days throw things away with no thought. “oh I just fancied new bedding” or “new towels”. When there is nothing wrong with what they have and the others are just sent to the charity shop or worse case the tip, to be used as landfill. xx

    • sounds like I’m not alone in not splashing out to buy new bed linen ^^ Part of me would love to have a perfectly coordinated bedroom but it’s never going to happen because I can always think of other things to spend my money on, instead of bed linen.

  2. I was given a sack of old duvet covers and sheets by a neighbour and they have been so useful – as you say they are unusually big pieces of fabric.

  3. The fact they were “old but brand new” doesn’t even surprise me the least coming from Grandma 🙄. It’s a nice use of them regardless, although must have taken some time and indeed not felt like much fun since it’s just big squares. A productive afternoon at least

    • no wasn’t much fun and I was amazed at how much thread I used (had to keep refilling bobbin). But a certain sense of satisfaction in having a job finished!

  4. Might not have been fun but very ‘sensible’.
    I have lots of vintage French linen that made the channel crossing with us but, beautiful as it is, there’s so much heavy fabric to deal with I don’t think I could be faffed to cut into it. Luckily, most of it is still folded from the laundry because I wouldn’t fancy ironing t either.

    • MIL never let anything go to waste! she’d patch and reuse everything for as long as possible, before putting things in the rags bag.

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