SAL “Together we are magic” #2

Today is the 3-weekly link up with other SAL members, to encourage each other with stitching projects.  Last time, I had just begun a new project:  “Together we are magic” (artwork by Jody Bergsma) a kit by Letitstitch.

Here is the photo I posted 3 weeks ago.

And here is progress for this time.

I’m finding my gridding method to be very helpful so far, although I do sometimes stray outside of the area I’ve set myself.  As you can see, I already have a butterfly taking shape which made things a lot more interesting this time.  Here is a photo of what the piece will look like when finished, in case you missed it last time.

Please feel free to visit other stitchers’ blogs, to see what they’re up to.


And we’ll be back again on 13th June.

39 thoughts on “SAL “Together we are magic” #2

  1. Gosh you’ve been busy 🙂 Love the butterfly. I don’t think I’ve the patience or the eyesight to do one of these full coverage ones, so I will just enjoy watching yours grow 🙂

    • this is a very small full coverage compared to some of the HAED projects other stitchers work on, but it’s plenty big enough for me ^^

    • yes lots of very similar colours that all seem to blend in together. I’m just having to be careful to double check symbols on thread card & chart each time I need to change colours.

  2. Wow, you added a lot of stitches. what kind of marker are you using to make the grid. That looks easier than my method od using floss.

    • I’m using a Pilot FriXion pen. They come in all different colours and you can buy extra refill bits to go inside rather than replacing the entire pen. Lines disappear when they come in contact with heat – so a quick iron and they disappear.

      • I use for marking on sewing projects, and also for marking quilting lines too. This is the first time I thought to use on aida but I checked, and it definitely disappears with hot iron ^^

    • I can’t say I’m enjoying the grid method as it seems an unnatural way to work. I usually like to just let my needle go with the flow and conetnrate on following symbols wherever they take me (which explains why I’ve sometimes stitched outside of gridding so far ^^). But it is helping me to limit myself to a specific area and make sure I roughly cover the 1600 stitches I set myself and certainly makes counting a lot easier.

      • I’m trying the grid method, too, on my current project. It does seem very unnatural! But I’m trying to follow it most of the time — if I have a little thread left on the needle I “look ahead” and finish it up.

      • we mmust have left comments simultaneously ^^ Yes I’m finding it unnatural too. And, like you, I’m also “looking ahead” and finishing up yarn on needle, even if it means stitching outside the grid ^^

    • thank you Mary Margaret ^^
      Sad that you’re not stitching along with us any more, but hope life gets back on an even keel for you soon.

    • I don’t think I’d be able to stitch full coverage without. I don’t makr off on my chart, so I need something to help me not lose track.

    • thanks Kathy. This isn’t terribly enjoyable to stitch so far, as I’m fixating on my gridding, but it will become fun when I begin to see the results.

  3. Wow! So much progress! Thanks for noting what you’re using for gridding — should I ever do another large-scale cross stitch piece, I’ll definitely adopt this method!

    • it’s probably quicker than gridding with needle & thread. I only drew lines down to around 80 . . . will fill in as I need.

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