ScrapHappy #May

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To talk about scrap happiness.  For this month, I’ve been doing more of the same from last month – having fun going through my scrap bag and cutting 2.5″ squares where possible from all sorts of colours & prints, left over from past projects.  And, because the husband rather likes the place mats I made last month, I’m assembling squares to make some more.

Making them slightly smaller this time. Last month I made 10 x 7 squares, so they turned out a very generous size at 20″ x 14″.  This time, I decided 9 x 6 squares would be plenty big enough.

Have got 2 tops assembled, and enough squares prepped to make another four (2 here in progress).



18 thoughts on “ScrapHappy #May

    • husband was worried the first batch would be “too much” but we’ve been using them every meal time, and they look rather nice. Hence the second batch ^^

    • I’m rofling at your suggestion of napkins, Kate ^^ We must be very uncivilised because I haven’t used a proper napkin in I can’t remember how long! We just tear off a square of kitchen roll if we need to wipe our hands/mouth during meal, and I buy pretty paper napkins for special events.

  1. I made a boro mat as an experiment with the technique and use it every mealtime. It is, like your first ones, a bit big as a placemat but I find it works well in the middle of the table to stand side dishes or a mug on. A bit of jazzy livens up mealtimes.

    • it will. I really need to do something about the covers of our seat cushions in kitchen now! Ducky ate all the ties I sewed on the last batch and they’re in a very sorry state.

  2. Jolly Placemats, that is a great idea. I hadn’t used a placemat for ages, but the ones languishing in the drawers have come out several times this pandemic, as lap mats for outdoor socially-distanced dining…On the other hand, I inherited several pretty napkin rings, so cloth napkins are a “thing” in our house!

  3. Awesome! I love the simplicity of just basic squares. When I can get my sewing corner re-made, I’m sure I’ll get back to sewing. It’s been quite a week in my world this week that’s going to take a while to recover from.

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