must . . . stay . . . away . . . from . . . eb@y!

Oh dear!  I’ve been having a bit (a lot) of recent retail therapy on eb@y and it was all so totally unnecessary lol.  I already have more than enough to keep me crafting, in all areas (xstitch, knitting, crochet, patchwork, sewing etc) for quite a few years to come and I certainly didn’t need to add more.  But I did !

In my defence, I got some absolute bargains, as I think you’ll agree, once I’ve shown you photos.  In fact, I thought listings were too good to be true when I first saw them on eb@y but decided to take the gamble anyway.  By pure chance, while browsing, as you do, I came across a private French seller who was listing dozens and dozens of xstitch kits, with a “buy now” option of only 2€.  As I say, I couldn’t believe it at first.  Could almost hear my Mum’s wise voice, in the back of my head saying “if it’s too good to be true . . . “.  But still, I thought I’d give it a go and I clicked & bought a couple of kits.  They arrived in due course, with some extra gifts in the parcel and everything was perfect.  I therefore couldn’t resist keeping an eye on seller’s newly listed items and buying some more.

Here’s an example.

Three Faye Whittaker kits, all sealed and “as new” despite little price stickers giving ancient price in French Francs (bearing in mind we moved to the Euro in 2001).

The matching pair of “Night” and “Day”.

Three more, because for 2€ apiece, they were just too tempting not to buy . . . and what a surprise when they did arrive!  Inside the white tiger kit, I found the original receipt, dating back to 2009.  Original price paid:  79€.

By this time (several parcels later) I’d already worked out that the seller had obviously been lumbered with the task of moving a family member’s stash.  She seemed intent on selling things as fast as possible. It was literally an “everything must go” campaign that lasted several weeks and seeing how little she was charging for postage, she was almost giving everything away.   I saw Mirabilia and Lavender & Lace charts being sold for centimes.   Dozens and dozens of vintage kits being snapped up.   Packets of linen, aida, evenweave, mountains of skeins of thread.  I resisted.   I could only imagine other stitchers, like myself, all poised in front of their computers, waiting to see what was going to come up next lol.

Anyway . . . above are some of the kits I snapped up myself.  I also snapped up something for our daughter, Lindashee.  So excited when I saw the following: complete kits, for only 2€ each.

Spring, Fall and Summer:  three designs by Teresa Wentzler (designed back in 1991 and 1993 – discontinued now).  Lindashee had always dreamed of stitching a Teresa Wentzler design one day so when I saw these three, I swooped and bought.  Thanks to Avis, I then became aware of the Winter horse kit in auction in the UK . . . so I was patient and swooped to win that (for a lot more than I paid for the other three, but I think it was worth it).

So . . . lots of gorgeous kits have come to join my stash, as well as quite a few unexpected items that the seller added to each parcel as a gift.   Following photos of probably the best gift which left me speechless.

I’m not 100% sure what it is exactly, but it appears to be a rope of tapestry yarn.  Colours are gorgeous, and it feels like pure wool.  All I know is, the “rope” weighs 1.5kg and is ever so long!!!!

Apologies for the messy kitchen, but here I am holding the big yarn rope looking like some giant snake.  I’ve never seen yarn sold in this way before, and am rather unsure of what to do with it at the moment.  Saying that, I’m sure I could knit or crochet with tapestry wool, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for inspiration.

Another thing I’m sure about is: I really must stop buying in more stash, because all I’ve done here is displaced a problem!  One day, my family is going to be lumbered with sorting through my stash, so instead of buying in more, I should be working on reducing the amount of crafty gorgeousness I already have!

25 thoughts on “must . . . stay . . . away . . . from . . . eb@y!

  1. I did have to smile as in my inbox your post was just above a confirmation of purchase notice from e-bay!! I love the poppies one, the colours look gorgeous, you got a bargain with all those 🙂

  2. Well, you can take comfort in the fact that whoever the original owner of these had an even worse stash problem than you.🤣 I must admit, the prices seem so good I’d have been tempted myself and I don’t even do cross stitch.

    • gosh yes, there was an incredible amount of stuff, and so much of it dating back more than 20 years from the looks of things.

    • Here I come swooping in, unwrapping and starting cross stitch kits left unopened for 30 years… That’s me 🙂 I am lucky to have such a thoughtful mum. The winter carousel horse has already begun, so we can worry about trading the remaining later. There’s something really satisfying about working on discontinued kits though, like I’m fulfilling its destiny. Otherwise it was just neatly sat incomplete in a lady’s stash for decades.

  3. yes I do agree that cross stitch kits are designed to be stitched, and I know you’ll have fun stitching these horses that were designed before you were even born ^^ I’ll have to make sure I stitch some of the kits I bought myself very soon. I think the Faye Whittaker trio may be high up on my list, but I also think the dolphin sampler might be relaxing to work in.

  4. I know exactly where you’re coming from! Prior to moving house I went through my entire stash. I quilt,embroider,cross stitch and crochet, and have a lot of ‘stuff ‘. I was doing well, passing on quite a bit of fabric and charts to friends and friends of friends. Then I came across the mirabilia chart of celtic Christmas, one of the celtic ladies series. Not only the chart but the fabric, threads and bead pack. Then I found the summer and spring charts, looked online and found that there was a winter lady too. So, now I have all four waiting to be stitched, so much for destashing!

  5. the person shifting all that must have been soooo grateful, coz that’s a great gift. Enjoy all those kits. It’s great that they went to someone who will enjoy them, rather than someone who plans to resell.

    • Seeing the number of kits & charts some people were buying, I suspect a lot was bought with an idea to resell, but I didn’t go down that road ^^

  6. I have a feeling that when I die my kids will curse me! Not that that stops me keeping things or even adding to it – I won’t be around to hear them He! He! Meanwhile I have been jolly glad of having loads of stuff to play with during lockdown so that will be my excuse from now on. Enjoy being able to browse through your very own craft shop for your next project. Talking of which and clearing houses a friend has been clearing her Mum’s house and gave me a load of knitting patterns including some for doll’s clothes – any use to you?

    • I’m really pleased with everything I bought. Quite a few are ones I drooled over years ago, so I’m pleased to have added them to my collection.

  7. Incredible cache of cross stitch kits Cudos on your shopping. I hope the yarn rope comes with instructions to unwind eg: sashiko thread has specific formula
    Happy crafting.

    • no instructions ^^ It looks like it’s just strands all plaited together. I tried to count, and I reckon there are approx 135 strands. Looks like there are several of each colour but no idea how long they are. No point in just measuring length of rope, because the plaiting makes everything shorter.

  8. Lol, I haven’t had to think about getting on Ebay for kits…..I’ve taken oodles of kits and completed pieces home that my mom had stashed away. Altho I will say in my defense that I did donate a xerox box full of kits that were not to my taste (think early 80’s vintage and old-style country themes).

    • I shouldn’t have bought either because I had at least a dozen kit in my stah already and I must have hundreds of charts! Temptation was too strong, and prices too low ^^

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