stripy cat amigurumi happy dance

Last month I started hooking this colourful projet

picture and pattern from Amigurumi Today.

Lots of pretty bright colours to keep me amused with those stripes.

And it wasn’t too long before I had all the bits made . . . just had the last job to do (which is my least favourite):  sewing bits together and then fretting over facial detail.

Now, since this cat is going to be a present for a baby, I and Mrs Tattoo agreed we didn’t want safety eyes like on the model.  Mrs Tattoo asked for eyes to be embroidered “asleep”. I did my best.

And now, before you start giggling (because there’s something rather obvious between cats legs) . . . can I ask, where on earth is the tail on the cat in the designer pattern photos????

Another photo from Amigurumi Today – not even a hint of a tail.  Did they forget to add it, or did they photoshop it away?  Anyway, my version has sleeping eyes and a very obvious tail.  For which I shall make no excuses!  Final (headless) photo of cat with Daisy (my big doll).  He came out a bit bigger than I expected but, up against Daisy who is 92cm tall, he doesn’t look too ginormous.

24 thoughts on “stripy cat amigurumi happy dance

    • glad you had a giggle, Kathy ^^ If I were to make it again, I wouldn’t stuff the tail. Think it would more cat-like just hanging.

  1. Love the tale of the tail. I bet they stitched it to the back of the body so it goes up rather than down! Certainly very pretty with all the stripes and a lovely sleepy face!

    • not sure. It’s not visible in any of their photos, and they don’t even give instructions of how or where to attach it in the pattern.

  2. Is the tail even mentioned in the pattern as something to be made? If so, it’s very curious that they forgot to add it! I like his sleepy face better than the original.

    • yep tail crochet instructions are given and it says “stuff” . . . but after that it’s not mentioned in the assembly part ^^ Could be because I followed the free on screen pattern, and didn’t pay for the pdf download. I noticed several other people asking (in site comments) about what to do with the tail.

      • I suppose they thought people would simply place the tail where nature intended, but having done that it does look a bit, well, *manly* shall we say? Perhaps they should have said ‘stuff lightly’ so it wasn’t so firm…

      • or even not stuffed at all would have been preferable lol. Anyhoot, I’m sure baby won’t think there’s anything naughty about this rather erect appendage ^^

    • not sure if I’ll make this pattern again, so there are many nice ones to choose from. Seems a shame to do the same pattern twice ^^

  3. Adorable amiguri. I believe tails being neglected is a little common. Some bizarre reason I dare not print, those people with dirty minds have ruined many an innocent toy or tv character

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