outdoors & indoors – what we’re up to

Something of a photo-heavy post today, to tell you what the husband and I are up to lately.

With Spring in the air, the husband has been spending long hours outdoors!  It all started last month really, when he managed to hire a bricklayer who agreed to come and do some work in the veggie garden.  The husband had this idea of having some raised beds (to make life easier when you’re not as agile as you once were).  The bricklayer, name of Atila, worked like a Trojan, I can tell you!  Digging trenches, mixing cement to lay foundations, then building five raised beds with breeze blocks and laying some paving stones to level up with the path.

The husband was then kept very busy because the new beds needed filling . . . so wheelbarrow loads of sand, sifting & weeding of “old” soil to mix back in.  One bed is already planted with strawberry plants & lettuce.  The others will be sowed/planted up in a couple of weeks time once the husband is sure there will be no more night frosts.

He’s also found himself a new indoors project!  When we moved into this house, the previous owners left a very grotty clock up in the attic. Nothing antiquey, or of any value and probably riddled with wood worm.  But there it remained, gathering even more dust & cobwebs.  The husband asked me to bring it downstairs because he fancies a bit of renovation work.  So I obliged.

It’s not even pretty!  but if it keeps the husband amused, at no cost, then I’ll be interested to see how it turns out and if it actually works!

I, in the meantime, keep myself amused with less dirty occupations.  Have just begun a new crochet project.  This was a “M’aidez, m’aidez” call from Mrs Tattoo.  One of her friends is expecting a baby for later in the year. Mrs Tattoo (who can’t crochet) bought a crochet kit, thinking she could teach herself to crochet and rustle up a soft toy lol.  She tried (bless her) before admitting defeat and asking for help.  I wasn’t too enthralled with the design she’d chosen, and didn’t think it was really suitable for a baby. So . . . after sending her a few links to free crochet patterns for her to choose from, she decided on this.

This cute pattern, available on Amigurumi Today.  (I’ll be embroidering eyes and facial details – don’t trust safety eyes on a baby toy!)

I then sent Mrs Tattoo photos of yarns from my stash to choose from, and we’ve settled on something as close to the original design as I could make it.  Stylecraft Special DK in: Spearmint, Lavender, Grass Green, Clematis & Citron.

And work has begun.

I’m using a 2mm hook to keep things nice and tight – don’t want any stuffing coming out!  So far, I have a head, body, tail and one front paw.  Just need to make second front paw, 2 legs and 2 ears!

Stay tuned!  Baby isn’t due for several months, but I should have it finished very soon.


22 thoughts on “outdoors & indoors – what we’re up to

  1. Those deep beds look terrific. The builder doesn’t sound French with that name. I wonder what nationality he was, good job though. I have been builder’s mate today on the greenhouse. Chief holder of bits and owner of small enough fingers to turn nuts! Love the yarn colours you choose, that too will be a Good job. I am knitting little things too.

  2. Back in the eighties there was a male model who went by the name of Atila. I may have had a bit of a crush on him. Your beds look great, can’t wait to see what grows.

    • lol I don’t think you’d have had a crush on our Atila but he wasn’t getting paid to look pretty, he was being paid to be big, strong & very hard-working! And he didn’t disappoint!

  3. I wish our house in France was nearer to yours as it is full of interesting projects that Mr. Claire could get stuck in to. Some lovely comtoise clocks sit rusting in our ‘shed’ probably destined for Emmaus or the dump.
    Some very impressive work going on there with the raised beds. ‘The Husband’. obviously means business.
    The little cat toy is cute – you’ve matched the colours up really well.

  4. Those raised beds look like they will stand the test of time! The baby toy looks like a fun project, and you have a great color match from stash yarn. The clock does look quite interesting, and by the time he’s finished with it, it will probably be quite handsome!

    • originally Mrs Tattoo bought a kit of a donkey but in grey & beige. Required fringes of yarn for mane & tail which I didn’t think was a good idea for a baby toy. Here’s hoping this bright stripey cat will be a better choice!

  5. I am very jealous of those raised beds. They look like they will be providing veggies for many years to come….and a good occupation for the Husband, after he fixes the clock, of course 😉

  6. Gosh, what industry, chez Hupin. Those raised beds are tremendous, but I’m worried because I don’t see any drainage holes to stop them getting too waterlogged if you get lots of rain? I know you say that clock isn’t even pretty, but it is a classic deco style, and you may be surprised if the Mister gets it going…

  7. Good that you are both finding plenty to occupy you! Those raised beds will make life in the garden much easier. A soft toy isn’t the easiest project for a beginner to crochet – all that shaping! The cat should make a lovely present.

    • lol Mrs Tattoo can just about knit a scarf so I have to admit laughing a lot when she appeared so annoyed that the “beginner” crochet kit she’d bought was so complcated! A shame they live too far away to come and visit because I’d gladly have showed her the basics.

    • yes hoping the raised beds will give gardening pleasure and fresh veg for years and years to come ^^ And I’ll update on crochet progress as soon as there is progress ^^

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