zodiac – slow progress

It’s been slow progress on the zodiac quilt, but progress has been made.

All 12 blocks have been quilted, in a very simple straight line design.  I drew lines with my FriXion pen (that disappear with a hot iron) to help me with my straight lines.

And then trimmed blocks to size.  I’ve used a sort of “milky coffee” for backing fabric.  It’s a pretty good colour match for the browns in the cross stitched centres.

So above is what the back of each block looks like.  All twelve have been quilted.  Progress is now on hold though, because I can’t decide on fabric for my joining strips.  I have several options, but can’t quite make up my mind.  “When in doubt, don’t”, is what my Mum always used to say . . . so until I’m 100% certain of what I want on the back and what I want on the front, I’ll refrain from cutting strips.

15 thoughts on “zodiac – slow progress

  1. They are lovely blocks Claire. I have never pre quilted squares and then joined them together. I will be anxious to follow your progress with this and see how its done; when you make your decision on what to do 🙂

    • thanks Sharon. Joining process is just a question of preparing strips and sashing blocks together. Should go quite quikcly once I make my mind up on what to use on front and what on back. Just seems a bit plain to mbe at the moment.

    • thanks Kathy.
      It’s all looking a bit plain to me at the moment as I rarely sew with solid fabrics (more of a jazzy print girl usually) which is probably why I’m now umming & ahhing over what to use for strips.

    • thank you. It’s a lot plainer than quilts I usually make – I think that’s why I’m umming and ahhing on this last stage.

  2. It’s looking good!
    Regarding colour choices: it depends if you want the sashing to show or to blend in. Personally, I think these blocks are striking enough to carry off a sashing that stands out a bit and adds visual interest, say a small scale pattern which is mostly the same colour as the fabric it’s next to but also picks up the other colours. The advantage of QAYG, of course, is that you can ‘disappear’ the sashing by making it the same colour as the fabric it’s next to if that’s what you want.

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