ScrapHappy # April (and an unbirthday)

I had fun with scrappy fabrics for this ScrapHappy post.  My scrap bags were rather full of lots of very bright (and many floral) fabrics left over from clothes making.  I always seem to end up with lots of wierd shaped offcuts when clothes making.  The easiest thing to do was press and slice up into 2.5″ squares . . . and once that was done, I spent some very enjoyable hours piecing squares together randomly.

I could probably have continued indefinitely, and assembled enough to make a quilt top but I had placemats in mind when I began.  Quilts are pretty, but placemats are more useful (in my opinion).  The fronts are completely scrappy . . . for the binding & backing fabric however, I was stash busting with larger pieces of leftovers.

Flamingos on the back and a plain turquoise for binding.  And three very bright placemats with fabrics to remind me of past sewing projects.  There are bunnies & birds from baby quilts;  feathers, flamingos, florals, butterflies & llamas from clothes-making projects; dots & spots from patchwork projects . . . so many happy sewing memories!

Anyway . . . one of these mats, was packaged up and sent to Yvonne, as an unbirthday gift.  This one, in fact.

The other two are for the husband & myself for every day use.  Mats finished at approx 14″ x 20″ but they’ll probably shrink up a bit in the first wash.

I’m linking to a very creative group of people, organised by Kate & Gun for ScrapHappy.


21 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # April (and an unbirthday)

  1. Ooh, lovely. I remember that backing fabric, and it’s still gorgeous! You’re so right about how useful placemats are, and they’re definitely on my list for DfG once the next quilt is done. You could chew through quite a few scraps if you made a set of 6!

    • yes that backing fabric was made into a lovely shirt, that I wore at my sister’s wedding . . . but being a 3m length, there was loads left over. (And, as replied to Lynn, I liked the “vert de gris background so much, I actually bought in 2 x 3m of that, so I’ve still got a complete 3m in the cupboard, waiting to be turned into something else, or maybe for future backing fabric of a proper quilt.)

  2. These are lovely Claire. I didn’t bring my scraps with me from France and am trying to build a new stash with a bit more care. I’ve cut a few 2.5 inch squares so far but can’t remember where I put them! They’ll turn up one day I’m sure.
    I still have my 3m of that Flamingo fabric in turquoise. Still not sure what to do with it.

    • I used my turquoise based flamingos as backing fabric for my F2F quilts ^^ Bought in 6m (yes 6) of the “vert de gris” background flamingos, and still have 3m of it untouched in the cupboard!

  3. Beautiful! Love that flamingo fabric! I need to do some serious stash busting in my cabbage from clothes making. finding time…. sigh… so much to do so little time, as the saying goes.

      • shhh, me, too. I love to collect feathers. I study their details… subtle shading in colors, the way they wisp at the ends. I find them quite interesting. Have to be careful of laws here, though. Sometimes, I’ve come across feathers that a person is not allowed to possess… these I study quickly then turn into authorities.

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