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We’re back in lockdown again in this part of the world, which doesn’t make a great deal of difference to the husband and myself as we hardly go anywhere these days.  We’re happy to find things to keep us busy at home, and with Spring in the air, the husband is spending more time outside watching things grow.  He’s also been doing a bit of weeding and general tidying up, as well as supervising a worksite in our veggie garden (more on that another time).  While tidying up in the garden, he noticed an old plant pot he’d been meaning to repair but hadn’t.

I don’t know why, but the husband has a “thing” for crockery, china, and pottery.  A few years ago, there was a proper clear-out in the house opposite. Owner, very old lady, had died aged 96+, and her nephew was in charge of emptying the house so it could be sold.  The nephew was literally loading up the trailer to take most things to the local tip, when my husband spotted an old plant pot and asked if he could have it.  One thing less to take to the tip!  Said plant pot was just a very plain old thing and had probably been sitting outside for 60 years or so.  On arrival in our garden, it promptly got knocked over, by our very exuberant dog, and there it stayed for a few years, with broken pieces gathered together in a pile.

But no more!

The husband did his first attempt at “kintsugi” and plant pot has been replanted (with something or other) and is back out in the garden where, I hope, the dog isn’t going to knock it over a second time!

Gardening has never been my thing so, while I do spend some time outdoors each day, seeing to hens, walking the dog, and getting my daily dose of vitamin D, I prefer to keep busy indoors.  After a month of just lying around, my zodiac blocks have finally been sandwiched, pinned and are ready to be quilted.

Part of the reason for procrastination was: I couldn’t decide on what backing fabric to use.  I didn’t have anything suitable in blue in my stash, and I couldn’t find anything that caught my eye when browsing my favourite on-line fabric shops.  However, I did have a very sizeable piece of a plain “milky coffee” brown in my stash.  Not the obvious colour choice but it almost matches one of the browns in the xstitch designs, so I’ve gone with it.  Next job – decide how I’m going to quilt.  And also decide whether to make 4 additional blocks in same colours (without xstitch centre) to make this a 4 x 4 quilt, or to keep it as a 3 x 4 (or 4 x 3).

I have also been doing a bit of needlecrafting, and a small amount of patchworking (to be revealed on ScrapHappy day!) but my evenings have been spent diamond painting.  Have just finished my fourth diamond painting.  The husband doesn’t like this one but I do, obviously, or I wouldn’t have bought it.  Incidentally, bought on eb@y for 7.88€ including p&p.  Chinese seller, but dispatched from France so it arrived very quickly.

It looks really effective, from a distance, and reminds me very much of our cat, Le Bleu.  That will have to wait for non-essential shops to reopen for me to buy a frame.  In the meantime, I’ll be beginning work on a very big diamond painting project.

This is what the printed canvas looks like.  A very long, thin design which will finish up 24cm x 74cm.  I bought this one on eb@y also.  Cost, only 10.52€, including p&p, and I certainly feel I got my money’s worth here!




14 thoughts on “a bit of this & that

  1. Are they still counting Actiion as ‘essential’ shopping as they did when I was there?. You’d probably get a frame in there if you have one close by.. Or I bought some great, deep frames from Ikea online for my felted dog portraits – I think it was 6,90 euros for delivery so I bought a few at the same time.

    • yes we have an Action only 8km down the road but I assume it’s closed as it was closed last time. I’ll have a look next time I head that way.

  2. Glad you have room to roam about at your house, and plenty to keep you busy. The backing looks to be a good match for the quilt blocks! Hope you are all “out of jail” soon!

  3. The MOTH and I hope your lockdown is brief and things back as close to normal as possible.
    The kintsugi is lovely, fabulous refurbishing giving life and beauty to this urn. The diamond feather will be super stunning

    • lockdown is for next 4 weeks at least (don’t know if you’d consider that brief?) but at least weather is warming up and we’ll be able to spend some time outside.

  4. What did he do the kitsugi with? It’s very effective and looks great! It sounds as if you have plenty to keep yourselves occupied with during your latest lockdown, and I do like that cat!

  5. You and your husband are both so creative. I really like the way he put the plant pot back together again.
    Your quilts blocks are coming along nicely.
    Love that cat, it’s a real beauty.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your feather progression.
    Have a lovely day.

    • thanks ^^ Feather project is going to take a fair while, but I wanted something really big to keep me busy, and there’s no hurry to have it finished, is there?

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