dream catcher happy dance – yay!

I’m happy dancing here, after putting the final stitches & backstitch to “Make your dreams come true” (Letistitch kit ref: Leti 945).

Last time I showed you progress thus far

And, for the happy dance.

It’s always difficult to take a decent photo indoors, with glass, but you get the general idea.  Framed in a 30cm x 40cm white wooden frame, with cream aperture cardboard.  This will now be stored in a safe place until 1st May, when I’ll be gifting it to a young neighbour for her 11th birthday.

17 thoughts on “dream catcher happy dance – yay!

    • I certainly hope so Kathy ^^ Cléo’s birthday party with friends had to be postponed last year because of Covid. And looks like it’ll have to be postponed again this year as we’ll be back in lockdown this weekend. She’s old enough to understand the reasons why, but I’m hoping this will cheer her up on her birthday, in the absence of friends.

    • thanks Tracy ^^ I think it’s nice & delicate looking too, and love all the birds (wasn’t so keen on all the backstitching though).

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