cluck cluck – new diamond painting

Evenings have been spent on diamond painting recently, and no, I haven’t grown bored of it yet.  After the pretty cat, wearing a floral crown, I started and finished this one.

Another small one, bought on @m@zon. Canvas size is 30cm x 30cm, finished design size is approx 25cm x 25cm. Didn’t take very long to do but the plain background does draw the eye to my sometimes squiggly wiggly drill sticking. Still, you all know how much I love my chooks. This design caught my eye while browsing, kept me out of mischief in the evenings, and . . . I’ve already begun work on my next diamond painting project!

7 thoughts on “cluck cluck – new diamond painting

  1. I adore chook prints also. This one gorgeously sparkly. We had several chook prints hanging in our kitchen prior to the remodel. Just wondering do you have to smear glue/how do they stick down

    • the canvas comes with the design printed, and with a coating of glue, which is covered over by a protective sheet of plastic. You pull back the sheet just to uncover the area you’re working on and then pat it back down afterwards. The plastic sheet keeps glue dustfree & sticky when not working on it.

  2. Beautiful! I enjoy chooks too. You find the prettiest pictures to do. You’re an amazing diamond-dotter. Keep up that creative shine! Have a great weekend!

    • this one was a bit boring to do because of the all-same-colour background, but I knew that when I bought it ^^ Am very pleased with how it looks though.

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