diamond painting – happy dance #2

I’m having so much fun with the newly (for me) discovered hobby of diamond painting!  Before even finishing off the first project,  I was back on @m@zon looking for more.  And ordered in two small designs plus a batch of  100 mini zip lock bags to make life easier for storing drills once the heat-sealed sachets had been opened.

This is one of the kits I chose.  Canvas is 30cm x 30cm, design size is approximately 25cm x 25cm.   As soon as “the rose” picture was finished, I dived straight in with this one.  And after a couple of intensive sessions, I had a happy dance!

It was great fun to do.  Colours seemed a little “improbable” at times, as I was working so close to the canvas, but when you stand back, I think it’s a very faithful rendition of of the original artwork.  I paid 8.49€ for this kit, it gave me quite a few hours of fun.  I think it’s safe to say I’m well and truly hooked on diamond painting!   This floral cat is going to be hung in my sewing room, and I shall enjoy looking up and meeting her eyes, as she stares back at me.


11 thoughts on “diamond painting – happy dance #2

  1. My friend tried this but said by the time she was half way through the 2nd one she was starting to get bored and has still not finished her third one lol. Mind the amount of people who say they would get bored stitching little crosses all day or say “do you not get bored making cards”. As long as you are having fun Claire that is all that matters, and it certainly sounds like you are. xx

    • oooh sounds nice! I’ve got my eye on a nice wild flower piece, but that’ll be for much later. I’m only beginning to realise what a wide variety of designs there are out there for this hobby. There appears to be something for everyone really!

  2. Awesome! That is the most beautiful cat I’ve seen done in diamonds. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying this craft. We’re still working on ours latest ones.
    I was wondering, since I don’t know what color of surface you work on, I’m going to just throw out an idea that we discovered that helped us quite a bit, I put white freezer paper on the table to do our diamond paintings on. It really helps brighten the area, and also we each have an adjustable lamp to position over our projects to get the best angle of light to see/read the tiny symbols on the canvas.
    Wishing you much fun and happiness this St. Patty’s Day! 😀

    • thanks for that tip!
      I’ve just been sitting at the kitchen table with overhead light on, in the evenings. I do wear my magnifying glasses when working the darker symbols but I’m used to working cross stitch on 16 or even 18 count and that’s probably finer than the symbols printed on these canvases.

  3. Pretty! Much nicer than I’d imagined when we talked about a ‘fluffy kitten’ earlier! Do you set a time to work and then stop, or do you carry on till your back starts screaming? I know I’m the latter kind of person, so it’s probably safest for me to stay away from stuff like this…

    • I’ve been doing this at the kitchen table since it’s not something you can do seated in an armchair . . . after evening meal, I sit out in kitchen, with portable DVD player and listen to 2 episodes of “Call the Midwife” while I dot. Then it’s time to take Gibbs out for his last walk, so I pack away, walk the dog, and then head for bed ^^

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