ScrapHappy # March

Time to link up with the ScrapHappy gang, and get creative.


For this time around, I did some re-using, which I’m going to count as scraps because otherwise some stuff would have just been binned.

I recently bought myself a new iron-board cover, purple, of course.

Which left me looking at the old ironing board cover, and thinking it wasn’t being very ecological just to throw it in the bin.  It wasn’t ripped or anything. The surface just looked all brown & burned, with unsightly water-marks all over from when I’m steam-ironing.  Not the sort of thing you’d want to be ironing crisp patchwork blocks on, I think you’ll agree.

Anyhow . . . the husband had put in a request for a padded workbench mat.  Difficult to explain, but he does a fair amount of renovating old wooden things, and he therefore needed a padded mat to protect the newly renovated wood from the hard surface of his workbench.  I didn’t want to waste decent wadding on something like that, hence, the light bulb over my head and a new use found for the above.

For some reason, my Juki started playing up, as I tried to sew through 2 layers of old curtain, with the ironing board cover sandwiched between.  Ended up setting old lady Singer 99k up, to do the main assembly job, and she was thrilled to be back in active service.

This is the mat in place.  I even made use of the curtain ring bits, as a design feature, because they give extra weight to keep the flaps down, therefore to keep the mat in place.  Once that was done, I then found myself with some leftover ironing board cover.

Cut two pieces, approx 6″ x 12″ and overlocked.  Got what I needed from the old curtain.  And I made a pair of oven mitts.

I didn’t even try to make oven gloves, with thumbs.  Nor did I try to make them pretty, as you can see by visible overlocked edges  Just made these, with space to slide four fingers under, and a loop to hang.  They do the job, although you do need to wear both when getting a dish out of the oven.

And . . . couldn’t resist taking a photo to show you the final scraps that went in the bin.

19 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # March

    • couldn’t remember how to thread her up and had to get the manual out ^^ but yes, with a sutrdy needle in place, she had no trouble with all the thicknesses, although my seams aren’t terribly straight.

  1. Wow! That is AWESOME! I like that you left the curtain rings in… they would also make for convenient hanging, too. I love that you use every possible piece of the fabric. Waste not, want not is a motto I live by. I’ve done what is called “crumb” quilting using up even the smallest of pieces to make scrappy/crazy blocks. It’s fun to see just how little I can put in the trash. Even the orts of thread and miniscule fabric snips serve a purpose as pillow stuffing, or stuffing for what is called Temari balls. I like to make those once a year.

  2. Brilliant bit of scrappy inventiveness. My ironing board is very nearly as villainous, and it’s probably time for a new one since the brown marks no longer wash out. Wonder what I can do with mine…?

  3. Nice! Nice that you’ve used smaller and smaller bits…and almost used it all up! The oven-mitts are great too, I need some like that, and shall dig around in my scraps…thanks for the inspiration!

    • Our commune has moved over to a new dustbin scheme this year, whereby our bins have a micro-chip, are weighed each time we put them out. We’re billed 2.60€ per collect, and 0.23€ per kilo. I’m trying to keep waste down as much as possible and only put the bin out once every three weeks . . . so anything I can reuse/recycle means less volume in the bin!

  4. loved seeing the old Singer, brings back memories. You must have scored points with the husband, that is a grand workbench cover. I too, need to replace my ironing board cover but think it is beyond repurposing in any way.

    • it all started with the husband putting in his request and me not wanting to use “good stuff” for something that would be on his work bench. He’s happy though!

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