happy dancing with first full drill DP

This is moving away from my usual needlecraft projects . . . but I wanted to share a happy dance with my first finished full-coverage diamond painting.   The husband might not have taken to this hobby, but I most certainly have!

I bought this on @m@zon on 19th Feb, it arrived on 23rd, which is the date I began.

Very pink, very girly, I know but I was looking for something as my first practice piece and this particular kit had really good feedback on the site, including lots of photos of the finished item, by thoughtful & contented customers.  For 9.99€ I decided it was well worth the hours of fun I’d have sticking down all those dots.   Above is what I got for my money.  Printed canvas which is protected by a plastic sheet, to keep the glued surface underneath nice & sticky.  This design has 30 symbols, so 30 different colours which meant 32 little sachets (because there were 3 sachets of the most frequent colour).  A plastic stylus pen, tray and square of wax, plus a few mini zip-lock bags.

I was quite surprised at how fast it worked up.

That was progress after my first session.  And after that, I just couldn’t wait to sit down every evening and do some more.

Until finally, I reached the bottom and had a finished piece.

If I counted correctly, this design is charted as  85 x 156  which means it containes a total of 13260 little “diamonds”.

Am now toying with either buying a frame, and putting it under glass or giving it a coat of varnish to make sure the dimaonds stay in place, then finishing with 2 rods (top & bottom) to be hung.  In the meantime, I’ve already ordered in the next project . . . and I’ve had a few kits sent to both Mrs Tattoo and Lindashee because they say they’re willing to give it a go.


14 thoughts on “happy dancing with first full drill DP

  1. Beautiful! I’m surprising myself there as I have to admit the kits I’ve seen have never appealed as they looked a bit too blingy, but this seems to have just the right amount of sparkle. Well done on finding another rabbit hole to run down 🙂

    • it is a bit blingy and shiney, depending on how the light catches surface of “dimaonds” but I’ve seen that if I give it a coat of varnish, that will make it less shiney if that’s what I want to do. I like the mosaic effect and it made a nice change to be creating something other than with needle & thread.

    • oooh I expect your DIL’s one is much larger than mine, and with way more colours! Hope it looks stupendous when it’s done!

  2. Sort of pointillist painting, isn’t it, building up the image with dots of colour? It certainly works up faster than cross-stitch or tapestry! I like this image more than all the others I’ve seen: Van Gogh reproductions, fluffy kittens, fantasy landscapes, etc, but I’ve always wondered what you do with them. Now I know – varnish and frame them! 🙂

    • lol yes lots of “the same” in the designs available for this sort of hobby which, I know, isn’t as “noble” as the art of embroidery, but is very restful and more-ish ^^ I think it’s keeping people amused during lockdown though. Giving adults & children, something to work on that requires patience. And I’m afraid I’ve also seen a cute fluffy cat pic that I want to do . . . although not too keen on Van Gogh or fantasy landscapes!

      • It’s like a jigsaw, there’s a lot of satisfaction in seeing an image emerge, and you must definitely have a sense of achievement at the end of it! If fluffy kittens are your thing, go forth and make them sparkle!

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