Diamond Dotting, not the husband’s cup of tea

I recently bought in some small diamond dot kits thinking it was something the husband might enjoy doing.  Kits sat on the counter for days before he finally found time/incentive to sit down and give it a try.  Not a traditional diamond painting kit, this one, but a notebook with design on front cover, all ready to stick down gems.

I didn’t hear him cursing & swearing too loudly, but after getting thus far, he decided it wasn’t for him.  I, of course, took over and finished the design because I’m totally hooked!  The finished result looks like this.

What is the husband’s “thing” (when it’s not good enough weather to be out in the veggie garden) is painting his tiny 28mm military figurines.  This is one glass cabinet with some of them on display

He has more in the living room in two smaller glass cabinets.  Not only does he paint the figurines, but he’s also been having fun with modelling clay.

Making his own buildings, water well and tent for props (I think the tent is made with dried wet-wipes).

A wooden fence (made of tooth picks) . . . and sometimes he just cuts a nice slice of wood, to set up a mini diorama.



14 thoughts on “Diamond Dotting, not the husband’s cup of tea

    • he used to, years ago. Was trying to convince me to play, but it’s really not my thing, so he paints & makes props just for the pleasure.

  1. A very posh notebook indeed. Love that hubby is making setting for his solidiers, I always think they look so boring just stood in rows, but these little scenes bring them to life. xx

    • yes it is posh ^^ I’m going to use it for my kalimba tablature notebook and see how the gems hold up over time.
      As for husband, yes he enjoyed making all the buildings & props, and it does make for a more interesting display.

  2. I think the diamond dots are perfect for the cover of a notebook. I don’t think it would be my thing either, but I might be tempted to glam up a note book! Your husband does such detailed work. Does he have a favourite period of military history?

    • the husband has been painting Napolean ear, both French & English troops (he tells me I didn’t take photos of any of the French lol) and for Christmas family gifted him quite a few boxes of WWII (French & Senagalese troops).

  3. The notebook looks lovely but a bit ‘bling’ for me – plus I doubt if the gems would stay put with the book rattling round in my bag. I wouldn’t want to join in war games either but I sort of get the fascination with detailed models – is it a boy thing? – it reminds me of train sets with their layouts and figures on the stations! Interesting to see what each of you enjoys so thank you for sharing.

    • lol I don’t plan on hiding blingy notebook in a bag! It’s A5 size, so will be ideal size for my kalimba tablature book I reckon! The husband is retired army officer which might explain the fascination for military figurines and wargames ^^

    • yes I thought the tent was clever ^^ The husband recycles used wipes, simply by washing in soapy water and leaving to dry. He then reuses them as rags when for polishing/cleaning wood projects or, in this instance, to make a tent.

  4. I showed thus to my MOTH, he said he wouldn’t have even tried it definitely not his cuppa tea. However we are both impressed with the military miniatures, something we would enjoy together

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