more squares for the yarn bomb

On Feb 15th, I showed you this photo

of a flyer I was given at our local library, announcing an upcoming yarn bomb.  I crocheted a first batch of six squares (15cm x 15cm) for ScrapHappy day and since . . . I’ve been delving into my bag of leftover bits to make some more.  Had a knitting session with some very chunky yarn, that knitted up nice & quickly, resulting in this batch.

Four squares 20cm x 20cm and then one, to  try and finish up the red & grey, 15cm x 15cm.

And then more crochet squares.

Four more large squares, and two smaller ones.  I’m not attempting to do any special stitch patterns, just concentrating on working my way through oddments of yarn, and making sure I crochet or knit to the correct size.  It’s keeping my hands busy in the evening, and if all local knitters/crocheters are doing the same, we should end up with quite a selection!

8 thoughts on “more squares for the yarn bomb

  1. I too am trying to use up odds and ends – balls of yarn too small to be much use for anything else and experimenting with different granny squares. Unfortunately I have ended up with a range of sizes so I am going to have to be ingenious when I join them together! Luckily with so many colours I can add in a few extra rows without it looking too odd. Do please show us the finished bomb.

    • I will definitely get my camera out to snap local buildings when the yarn bomb is displayed. It’ll be several months yet though – I think I’ll be asked to join in the assembly part in June (ish). Library ladies will be sure to let me know! And when I handed this lot in the other day, they encouraged me to make more ^^

    • my remedy to that, Lynn, is to watch reruns of all my favourite series, or just do marathon sessions of Call the Midwife. That way, it doesn’t matter if I don’t give it my full attention.

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