a bit of patchwork and a few gifts

I’ve been flitting from one thing to another, still enjoying a few rabbit holes, but did manage to cut strips and get my zodiac blocks sashed.

I won’t subject you to photos of all 12.  I now have my 12 blocks all looking good, with blue borders.  Next stage will be to cut wadding & backing fabric to size, so that I can start sandwiching and quilting each block individually!   Probably won’t happen this week because I need to decide on what backing fabric to use, and how I’m going to quilt.

Other photos . . . because I had a birthday last month – yay!  One more candle precariously balanced on the virtual birthday cake lol.  I was well-spoiled, and received some craft-related goodies (crochet book, accessories for sewing, knitting, crochet, and a new doll).  Haven’t taken photos of everything, but there are two gifts I wanted to show you.  One, from a French friend, Yvonne.

and the other, from my sister.

My very own 1964 two shillings & sixpence keyring!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Such a unique little gift. With the purple tassle because that’s my favourite colour and 1964 coins because, yes, that’s the year I was born.  I googled the seller’s name and he/she has a shop on etsy (only dispatching within the UK at the moment) if any of you fancy the idea of having a look to see if your birthday year is there. Of course, if you were born after 1970, you won’t find any shillings or sixpence since the UK switched to the decimal system that year.

16 thoughts on “a bit of patchwork and a few gifts

  1. Your zodiac blocks are so pretty. I look forward to seeing all 12.
    Happy belated birthday. I’m glad you were well-blessed (not spoiled lol)
    I can hardly wait to see your new doll. I know you’ll make it a proper wardrobe with many many beautiful things.

    • you have far more confidence in my doll clothes making skills than I do ^^ For the moment she’s standing around wearing a pair of borrowed dungarees, waiting for me to redraft the pattern and make her something to fit . . . but oh, so many other things keep distracting me!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday.
    I like the colour sashing you chose, it sets off the blocks a treat.
    The keyring is fun and a great idea for a gift. 1964 must have been a good year as it’s also when Mr. Tialys was born.

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